CMQ/OE exam
Any study tips and other guidance from those who have passed the CMQ/OE exam will be helpful.

I understand that after September 2019, the exam will be 100% multiple choice questions. I am using the QCI Primer and the 1000 questions cd from QCI as well. In addition, I am referring to the ASQ published book for the CMQ/OE exam.

Will welcome:

a) CMQ/OE exam study tips
b) CMQ/OE exam taking experience
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Trish Borzon
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Check out some of the other discussions.  There are a few talking about CMQ/OE
I took and passed the pilot CQM exam (later changed to CMQ/OE due to a copyright issue) decades ago.  At that time there were very few references, but I did have access to a pre-release version of the QCI CQM primer.  I was our local section's chief proctor for over 20 years and also taught many exam prep classes.  I suggest that the best way to prepare for this exam is to set up a t0 to 15 week self-study program based on the QCI CMQ/OE primer and the ASQ Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence Handbook, Fourth Edition.  Both are organized and based on the BoK.  You should also purchase the QCI CMQ/OE sample questions.  Starting about a month before you take the exam, devote at least one hour a day to answering questions generated by this easy to use application.  You can do this during you lunch hour at work.  This works even better if you can find other people in your ASQ section who are also going to take the exam.  Your study group can go over the questions and discuss the answers.  Remember that the prep for the exam is the real reward.  If you have done the best you can to prepare for the exam, you owe no one an apology.  Good luck.
Hello Prasanna,

I passed my CMQ/OE exam last month in July and the experience was very enriching.

The only advise i would give you is to practice questions which are based on real life situations. For example my exam had more than 80% questions which were situation based. The questions started off by saying "if you were a quality manager" or "if you were a quality engineer". That is why i hardly had time to open up the book since the answer was not straightforward. This is where you common sense & logic + experience comes in.

Good luck for your exam :)

Dear Prasanna Pandit
I passed the exam in March 2016. The way of answering differs from most of the other examinations.  In my opinion, our perspective on the question should be accurate.  As Mr Mustafa Pasha said,  we should always answer the questions from the eyes of a Quality Manager.  The answer to the same question can be different for a Quality Manager, Quality Engineer, and a Quality Controller Quality Manager need to consider the corporate Goals and strategies also while answering the questions.  Regarding the tips on examination, the best way is to stick on the BOK and practice, practice and practice. Quality Council of Indiana (QCI) had published a solution book and CDs which are much useful for our exams. While going through the solution text, do not just read the answer and pass to the next. You need to read the explanation thoroughly, go to the reference page given in the text and read the paragraph.
The exam is open book. It's fine. Constructive response questions are not there- but it was the main part and difficult part. You may be lucky not to have this section. But it is not wise if you think you will pass the exam easily because it is an open book exam. I am sure you will not be able to find answers from the books directly checking the books. Moreover, the cut off mark is decided each year according to the level of the answers received in that particular exam date worldwide.   You need to be thorough in Body of Knowledge and where the answers available in the textbook.  
You may put tags in pages of importance. For example "Quality Gurus" " Principles of management" "Quality Function deployment" "House of Quality " etc in the respective pages so that you can go to the page immediately without much searching

Good luck for your exams !! 

i am starting to prepare for CMQ/OE exam , please can some one let me know where i can buy QCI primer and cd, i would appreciate if some one like to sell their used one !!

Google "Quality Council of Indiana" (QCI)
Hello guys,,

Thank you for the useful information that you provided above.

may i ask the people who have already passed the exam, if any person interested to sell the preparation materials of the exam and will be thankful to him.

Hi Hussein,

I passed the exam in 1997 (Wow, has it really been that long ago?!). I had no time pressure to get the certification, so I decided to read the books in the exam preparation list (which was a different list than it is today) instead of relying on a exam prep book. Call me crazy, but I believe that I read ~25 books over 12 months (almost all were available in the local library). I found the immersion in knowledge to be beneficial to my development. I created hand written notes from those books for studying.

In 2011, I loaned those notes to my manager and she passed the exam on her first try. Unfortunately the notes are in spiral bound notebooks. If it was easy to scan the 100+ pages, I would gladly do it for you.

Anyway, if there is no deadline for getting the certification, then I recommend taking the long route and doing a lot of reading. The knowledge benefits are tremendous.

Best regards,
I am planning to take CMQ/OE Exam in september 2020, if anyone of you have tips, or additional material which could help in prep beside BOK, handbook I already have.

Really appreciate

Hi Kaushal

I found the following two references very useful for the exam:

a) Quality Council of Indiana's (QCI) Primer for the CMQ/OE exam
b) ASQ Handbook for the CMQ/OE exam.

Also, QCI  has an electronic exam with several multiple choice practice questions. ASQ also offers practice tests.

The important thing is to be able to draw upon one's experience in quality management and apply the knowledge base and judgment to the situation/scenario.

All of these will be helpful.


Hi Prassana,and others CMQ/OE certified professionals

I am planning to give my exams in a couple of weeks for CMQ/OE. I am looking for onlibe practice tests that would similate the same conditions as ASQ exams and also have similar questions. 
Can you suggest which is the best method to do so?
I see there are several sites offering online tests, which one you suggest is best of all
I have heard about about one website that might be useful for online practice. I am sharing the link below.


Is these books available in UAE…?/ Any online store..?