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In preparation for the CMQ/OE can anyone identify important topics which have to be understood thouroughly?
Can these topics be justified with past question trends or what could be more important in terms of study?
I understand max numbers are for essay questions, Leadership, management elements & methods and Quality management tools. But what specific topics should one prepare to have a good chance at passing this exam. Thank you.

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Amanda Foster 1083
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The BOK has that information built right into it. There are Bloom's Taxonomy levels identified for each subject in parentheses after the description. Those tell you how well you need to understand it. The last page of the BOK explains Bloom's Taxonomy. Hope that helps.
For the multiple choice questions, if you understand the structure of the BOK and have the book and a good quality tool box you’ll be fine. 

For the writing exercises, the critical line is invaluable how do you get from strategy to execution. Understanding that path and the tools and decisions used along it is critical.
Thanks for your response Amanda Foster‍ and Jeremiah Genest‍, but perhaps i was'nt able to make myself clear in the previous post.

Considering the BoK and the different levels of cognition required for each topic ranging from least to most complex, wouldnt it be safe to say that our focus should be more on topics bracketed under Analyze, Evaluate and Create since they are more dfficult to interpret?

I gather that Remember, Understand and Apply are basic cognitive levels which dont need much focus in terms of time spent on studying?

Kindly share your views. Thanks. 
The question bank is multiple choice. It is all at the level of understand and remember. These multiple chocie questions test your ability to navigate the body of knowledge and find information.

The writing section is really focused on the analyze and apply.
Amanda Foster 1083
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I heard a rumor that the next version of the exam will no longer have the writing portion.
It's for sure moved from rumor status to truth. The essay section of the exam will no longer be required after the July 2019 testing window. Or somewhere around that time. Not exact on the specifics but soon. 
It is a pity, as it is the only part of exam where you can express yourself otherwise than choosing the correct answer to the multi-choice questions.
yes, agree, believe the essay section is a key evaluation for one's comprehensive capability of decision making as a Quality function. 
Amanda Foster 1083
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I have to agree, it does seem to be a shame that the essay is going away. Essays evaluate knowledge differently than multiple choice.
I passed the exam of CMQ/OE early this year, and I benefited a lot by linking the BoK to my day-to-day quality management during the 8 months learning period. The vivid examples in your job do help you to really take in the truths in the BoK. Even up to date, I am still reviewing the principles in the BoK which are so helpful for our continuous improvement. 
Back to your concerns upon the exam, would suggest you to build more confidence in your strengths by going one-inch deeper, yet at the same time make sure you enhance your learning in the topics which you are not so confident. After all, to grasp all the knowledge and to apply them in your job is much important than to pass the exam, coz what you need is the knowledge and capability. This is only my personal thoughts. 
Very insightful (M. Deng). Everyone's input is helpful. I'm planning to take the exam Sept 2019. 
Hello everyone,

Thanks for everyone for the positive feedback. I have successfully cleared my ASQ CMQ/OE certification. 

I now want to take the CSSBB exam and would like assistance in the same. Kindly guide me what i have to do to start preparation for it.

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Congratulation on passing the CMQ/OE exam.  What books better prepared you for the exam?  Did you use the primer as well?


Bob Faris
Hello Robert,

I did my preparation mainly from the Council of Indiana Primer + 1000 CD questions that came along with it.

Also i took classes for it from a training institute in Abu Dhabi.