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Hello from Ohio! My name is Meryl Zinser and I have recently ‘jumped the fence’ from Powertrain Engineering over to Reliability Engineering for a construction equipment manufacturer. My predecessor retired before I was able to get any hands on training so I've been busy learning from old notes and pulling as much info from peers that I can. It's been interesting to say the least.

I was told there may be some kind of yearly conference thru ASQ for Reliability where I maybe I can learn what other companies are doing. Does anyone know the name of such of conference?

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Hi Meryl,

Join the Reliability Division and they will remind you when conferences are scheduled. There was just one last year here in Orlando. WIth your luck the next one might be scheduled in Gnome.

Also, get the CRE if you don't have it yet. I recommend the Quality Council of Indiana CRE prep course and every Reliability Professional needs their RAM (Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability) Dictionary.


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@Tracy Omdahl Hi Tracy. Thank you for the feedback. Where do I find the Reliability Division to join? Lol and Gnome would be my luck. :) Also thanks for the CRE and RAM recommendations, I will look in to them.

Hello Meryl Zinser‍ ,

Thank you for joining myASQ! The Reliability and Risk Division can be found here. However, to receive their messaging and member-only invites you will have to become an ASQ member and select the Reliability and Risk division when signing up!

If you have anymore questions, please let me know!
Taylor Lovas, Community Engagement Specialist.