My name is Jennifer, but I prefer to go by Jen. I am about to graduate next month with my Bachelor's in Quality Engineering from Ferris, however I have worked in Engineering for a few years now. I work for a medical device manufacturing company right now and really enjoy what I do. I am in the process of pursuing the ASQ CMDA certification and am actively working on studying for the exam. I wanted to join ASQ to ensure I am continuously learning and keeping up with Quality and industry changes as they progress and change with time. I am also very interested in getting into the world of auditing. Any advice that you have to offer, I'd love to hear it! Thanks!

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@Jennifer Burgess congrats on the upcoming graduation and welcome to ASQ!

David Hehir
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@Jennifer Burgess Thanks for introducing yourself. I'm actively getting more involved in auditing as well. ASQ has a Audit division - maybe we will connect in the division.

Go to lots of ASQ events! network and always keep learning!!