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Just saying hello again. Recently received a great opportunity! I have been working in a manufacturing environment pretty much my entire career, but now I'm moving on into the world of Supplier Quality. I was kind of surprised when the recruiter sought me out because of my background (didn't think I was a match), but they said they actually needed someone with manufacturing experience to help their suppliers get it right on their end with PPAPs, UL approvals, ECN changes etc. The one other big caveat that drew their attention my way…(drum roll) my ASQ CQE!! I am now a Corporate Quality Engineer in the Supplier Quality Department at my new company and I owe a big part of that to ASQ! Thanks 😊🤩

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Trish Borzon
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Congratulations @Darrin Niblack !!!! That's awesome. Maybe you could give some assistance to @Shainil Jogani - He just posted that he's looking for a new job :)

Thanks for sharing the great news.

Congrats @Darrin Niblack I'm searching for a CI/Lean role transitioning from Applications Engineering role in Semiconductor to other Manufacturing industries. Thanks @Trish Borzon

for the introduction :)

@Shainil Jogani I will keep an eye out the best I can for you, but right now there are no other openings at my new company in the quality department that I know of. I just got here so if anything comes up I'll post it in this thread. Good luck in your search!