Greetings from Pennsylvania
Alan Haley
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Good morning, everyone. My name is Alan, and I just restarted my membership after a bit of a gap. I started out as a QC chemist, then moved on to being a quality system auditor (CQA, now expired), then a design quality engineer, until landing in regulatory affairs for medical devices (ortho) and now in vitro diagnostics.

I am very interested in lean principles, problem solving, process improvements, and the like. Looking forward to learning about those subjects and making connections with other like-minded professionals.

Be well,
Alan Haley
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Hi Alan! I share your interests and also started out as a laboratory chemist. If you gain insights into Lean and the other interest areas you listed, I hope you will share and I will do the same.
Trish Borzon
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HI Alan Haley‍ - Welcome BACK and thanks for joining us here on myASQ! You might be interested in the Medical Device Division and Lean Division too. Let me know if you'd like me to add them to your membership. You can choose as many divisions (technical communities) as you'd like now - that might have changed since your previous membership.