Hello, My name is Shane Quinn
It's very good to be in the midst of great minds and world changers. I am on new to ASQ and This is my first time exploring MyASQ. I have worked in Healthcare for many years now in a variety of roles. I graduated with a Masters in Healthcare Administration from the University of Scranton. In my courses, I was drawn to the information about Lean and Six Sigma. During COVID, I have taken this time to explore and expand this fascination. I decided to take the leap and join ASQ. I am currently taking the first step and getting my Yellow Belt. I am enjoying the information. I want to just role right into Green Belt training. I hope to find a Black Belt of a Master Black Belt to train under and do some projects with. My goal is to become a certified black belt. I want to use this knowledge to help improve outcomes and overall health of the customers(patients) in the healthcare industry. 

I am looking for people within the healthcare division. I would like to work on a few project and get some mentorship within Healthcare. I would really like to take my experience, and education and put them toward systematic quality and improvement in healthcare.
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After BB take a look at the Baldrige Excellence criteria for healthcare.
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Hi Shane Quinn‍ - welcome to myASQ & thank you for becoming a member!  I'm happy you joined us here to explore - hope you like & keep posting :)  

There are some great discussions on the Certification discussion board that you might find useful as you start your path towards cert - like how to prep for taking the exam - Tips for taking ASQ Certification Exams.  You should also check out the Six Sigma Forum - lots of great members there with plenty of experience!  Going to tag a couple of people who might be able to help you along the way - William LaFollette‍,  Chad Smith‍ , Joseph Basala‍, and Mary Beth Soloy‍ 
Good Luck & let us know how we can help!