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Amanda Johnson 8929
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  • What is your level of quality experience (e.g., new to quality, mid-career, advanced)?
    • I am have about 8 and a half years of Quality experience. I am always looking for ideas and new ways to expand my knowledge.
  • What industry are you in (e.g., manufacturing, healthcare, service)? 
    • Manufacturing
  • What's a challenge you're tackling or question you're thinking through right now?
    • I need a lot of insight from anyone that is or has built a quality department from ground zero. I have been tasked with creating a Quality Manual for our company it is a pain and i feel lost. The main goal of this Quality Manual is to help our company understand that Quality is so much more than inspection. It is quite difficult to help people to understand that Quality has to dip in to a little bit of everything in companies. I cant tell you how many times i get told "stay in your lane" or it doesn't concern Quality, but when in fact it does. So i am looking for any help, coaching, insight in to what to do to start a Quality Department...
  • Who do you hope to meet by joining myASQ?
    • I hope to meet people that can teach me what they have done to improve their Quality Departments and how to get people to understand what all Quality is. I would love to visit companies and view their Processes and Procedures to see how they implement Lean and Six Sigma through their Quality Department.
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Trish Borzon 9
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Hi Amanda - welcome to myASQ & thanks for being a member!  
I really do hate the phrase - Stay in your lane....One should be able to take suggestions from anyone in the company.  I know it can be frustrating for others to come into your job & try to tell you how to do it.   Being viewed as a 'Helper' to fix issues isn't how many people look at it.  Many tend to get defensive and take process improvement ideas with a 'You're doing it wrong' kind of mentality. 
This is a great community to get suggestions
Good luck & be well
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Welcome Amanda,