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Hi everybody,
My name is Anani K Hoegnifioh, my first contact with ASQ dated back in 2009 when I became Six Sigma Greenbelt certified Since then I received 3 other ASQ certifictions (CQA, CQPA, and CQIA) currently I am working to get my fourth certification in Hazard Auditing (CFSQA). I am also certified in Supply chain from APICS (CSCP). My educational background is in Statistics, Information Systems, and Operations Research &  Management Science. Currently I am in the process of changing career in quality unsuccessfully.  If any one can help me get into the quality field I will really appreciate it. I am open to relocate to any location.
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HI Anani - Welcome to myASQ and thank you for being a member - I see you're up for renewal so you'll want to do that soon.

Keep an eye on the ASQ Career Center for job opportunities .  You also might find some helpful articles int the Career Corner from Quality Progress.  As well as the Career Learning Center 

Congratulations on all your certifications!  

Good Luck!  Let me know if there's anything we can help you with