Greetings in the time of Social Distancing
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Hello Dear ASQ Members,  

I am Sana Asrar, currently working a Global Technical Quality Leader for Kimberly Clark Professional  As much as I am interested in stopping by for a quick introduction, I want to take a few minutes and cheer my fellow ASQ member to keep your chin up and focus on the positives in both professional and personal space during this time of global C-Virus crisis. 

For those who are asked to work from home, Please appreciate this opportunity to relax and connect with the pulse of your house (be it family or the physical house itself).  Remember all those times when we excused ourselves from performing improvement activities (such as cleaning, fixing, organizing) around our personal space due to long office hours.. Well, Now we can't use that excuse. Can we?

Use the flexibility to connect with family and friends living away from you during work breaks using online methods/phone given the privacy of home. 

Let's take  a moment to recognize those who are working in hospitals and  other social service sectors would love to switch their "working on field" with a work from home set up.  As a support, we can respectfully stay at home while they can focus on doing their work.

This is a time we will remember for a long time! This is also the time when we reflect on not only what is going on the outside but also on the inside.  Be positive and in the time of social distancing, do not feel that we have to mentally distance ourselves from appreciating the positives life has to offer. 

For those who are interested in my career background, My profile can be found on Linkedin-


Sana Asrar
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Hi Sana - Welcome to myASQ and thank for you your uplifting message..  You are absolutely correct.  We are LUCKY to be able to work from home and practice social distancing at this crucial time.  

Working for Kimberly Clark, are you able to work from home?  I just read this article from Quality News Today  - "Toilet paper makers: What we are dealing with here is uncharted"

How is your company handling it all?   I'm sure our members would be interesting in learning more (if you have time) 
Thanks for being here