Hello from oversees
My Name is Sascha van Buuren and work as a Quality Manager for 4 years for a Taiwanese Company called United Material.
I am certified electrician in Germany with additional certified Technician degree (similar as a bachelor deg.)
We work as a service link between east and west and also starting with a small assembly line and some in house inspection capabilities.  Most of my knowledge I had to acquire by reading online on several platforms. 
I choice ASQ because it is possible to be certified in Taiwan and I don't need to travel to US or other countries for the Test.
I have not started in any ASQ certification yet, but looking into what certificate I could start. Also hope to get further material on Quality and improve my knowledge and the companies capability.
My biggest challenges are as a non-Taiwanese (Mandarin) speaking person to work together with the supplier and coworker. Clear communication is not easy often misunderstood. Also the approach on the work is different then I grow up in Germany.
Let's see what I can learn. If anyone knows any English speaking contacts in Taiwan, would be nice to meet.
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Trish Borzon 9
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Hi Sascha - welcome to myASQ!  I don't think I can help you with a contact in who speaks English, by you might be able to go into the members search & find someone from Tiawan.  However, you could use the Certification Pathways tool to help you make a choice on which certification you should pursue.  https://asq.org/cert 
Good Luck & let us know if there's anything else we can help you with
Hi Trish.

Thank you for the welcome.
I have not expecting any contacts from Taiwan, but you never know. 

 I have another question. Some of the certificate you will not require a retrain. I forget wish one it was. Could you point me out which one. I read in another post that would be a good start to prepare for other certificates and also get use to the testing but can't find the post anymore.
Thank you. 
Trish Borzon 9
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Quality Improvement Associate, Quality Inspector, Quality Process Analyst, Quality Technician, Six Sigma Green Belt, and Six Sigma Yellow Belt are lifetime certifications. They have no recertification requirements.