Root Cause Analysis
Duke Okes
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Hello, all.  I'm Duke Okes, an ASQ member since 1978 (gap!).  I also hold ASQ certifications for CQE, CQA and CME/OE, and am an instructor for ASQ teaching courses in Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and Performance Metrics.

I just received my first copy of the 2nd edition of my Root Cause Analysis book (published through ASQ Quality Press yesterday).  It's the first book (of 4) published with ASQ that I've done an update on.  First edition was 2008.

There are many problems I see with organizations dealing with RCA.  One is that people don't know how to do it (which I hope the book helps) and the second is a lack of willingness to allow the time necessary to do a good investigation.

I'd like to hear what issues you have with RCA, or what questions you might have about it or the book.