Data review methods for service processes?
In your article, you mention data review methods such as measurement system analysis, control charting and gauge calibration. What are other data review methods? Especially those for use in service processes (either services like healthcare, banking, etc. or the service side of manufacturing operations)?
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One of the big things in service side (as this is where I began to learn to question the data) is sampling the data and doing a post mortem.  I have a record in my service database that says I worked on this product at this location and completed these repairs.  Does that product ever need that kind of repair?  Did we actually sell that product in the timeframe alleged (this can be, believe it or not, HUGE when you often discontinue certain models and start up others).

With healthcare I see similar scenarios.  We had x patients in our facility for this concern (broken leg, infection, etc.).  How long did it take for us to release them?  What medications did we use?  What were the doses of medication?  What was the overall cost for their stay?  In these situations, maintaining the data after the event and reviewing it to learn from it is a method that is valuable and,  based on some of my colleagues from past lives, something that is sometimes done (unfortunately, not often enough).
Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Any ideas for data review methods to use in office processes? For procurement, accounting, etc.?
For procurement, there is often the cross check for inventory.  While many companies have an annual physical inventory (PI), throughout the year there are often adjustments.  Likewise, if you are in a service industry but you are procuring a service, depending on the type of service, you may need to ask questions of multiple data sources.  I paid this firm to ship this product from point A to point B.  Do I have a shipper that shows that it left point A and do I have a signed receipt that says it reached point B.  Do the dates align?  How about the mileage?  The weight of the goods shipped (were there high scales that had to be crossed?)?

When dealing with services, there are often checks and balances that can be cross-referenced.  Once the data is checked, confirming that those generating the data have the adequate resources and training to ensure data quality is crucial.