New ITEA Criteria
Amanda Foster
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This year the ITEA criteria was updated. Since you have so much experience using the criteria, what was the impact of the change?
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Hi Amanda. 
The changes have been substantial and great actually. 
For one, the # questions (many of them that sounded similar is the various sections, have reduced. Less repetitious therefore.
Secondly, makes it easier to complete the presentation during the ITEA presentation - 45 minutes is more realistic now
Thirdly, from the jury members perspective too, it must be less tedious to go through the slides and figure out what the team is trying to say, give the # projects they need to review during those 2 days. 
The criteria may be downloaded from the ASQ ITEA website,  The Criteria Overview Video is also available here
Amanda Foster
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Yes, Geetha Balagopal‍, good idea!