Thank you!
Thank you for this opportunity yo share our experience on how we are using the ITEA process to drive improvements across the Max Group
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Dawn Caous
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Can you tell us a little about Max Life's participation in ITEA (how many years, how many of your team have engaged)?
Hi Dawn. Good question. That normally means its a difficult question. :-) 
The Max Group has been participating in the ITEA process since 2012
I must admit its been a huge learning (read times). 
Its been an evolution. 
Year 1 - 2012 - No awards. But loads of learning
Year 2 - No awards. But the urge to get to the stage to hold that award increased
Year 3 - 2014 - Bronze...finally
Year 4, 5, 6 - No awards - But again great continuous learning
Year 7 - Gold and Bronze (Max Life and Max Healthcare respectively). 

That was probably the best day in my Quality Life
Thank you very much for sharing!!