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Hi Ben, 

Thank you for participating in this live chat today! I'd like to start with a question: 

How do you define Quality 4.0?
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Hi Barb,

Thanks for your question! I would define industry 4.0 for the organization as requiring us to be real-time, connected and continuously optimizing. I would define Quality 4.0 as the new role for the Quality profession, tools and methods in order to thrive within that new digital economy. 

What does this mean in practice?
1. For us to be open to learning more about the steps in the data lifecycle (e.g. data engineering, data science) and digital technologies as applied to improving quality (e.g. vision systems with machine learning)
2. For Quality projects to start to evolve from batch with static data to shorter, faster kaizen focused improvement projects to deliver results faster to the business in an environment that rewards speed over perfection
3. Be open to new product releases and designs not being perfect the first time. The focus will become speed to learn and design of Minimal Viable Products to gather customer feedback and interate. There are really different effective times for iteration as some people assume everything will become iterative. Highly recommend the book Digital Transformation Playbook by David Rogers for a good framework on this. 
4. To leverage automated statistical tools to improve process control (ex, Advanced Process Control algorithms)
5. Leverage the power of lean is designing processes and identifying opportunities for technology insertion. At ABI lean became one of the biggest factors to the program's success as it ensured every technology implementation was first solving a relevant business problem and we understood how we were trying to change the process and WHY before implementation.