The September Issue of QP Is Live!

Force field analysis is a basic quality tool for root cause analysis that can help you act after the root cause has been identified. The tool also can be used for change management. But there are limitations. A new model encourages a deeper and wider analysis by demanding the identification of a higher number of elements than just forces—that is, convertors and inhibitors. This, in turn, results in a more comprehensive view of the improvement process and helps make decisions and take actions to reach the desired state.

Learn more in this month’s cover story, “A Step Beyond.”

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David Harry
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@Lindsay Pietenpol I would like to offer readability suggestions on QP magazine. Many ASQ members are like me – no longer youthful or without the best eyesight. Lately, I have noticed the print version of QP magazine has become more and more difficult to read each month. The September issue of QP magazine cover is the worst yet. For example the “very light grey font on a white background” in the upper right corner of the titles of the 3 articles may be “artsy” but from a practical standpoint (for those of us with less than perfect eyesight) it is just plain unreadable. Check it out and hold the magazine at arms length and see if you can read it. Then on page 12, the huge black area taking up almost an entire page does not really add any value, it just wastes ink. On page 36, the huge double spread of blue and pink and the pink on black font does not make the make content more readable, it just burns space and adds pages and increases mailing costs. Maybe page count is more important than readability. As a customer and member, that is not what I am looking for. I would suggest that ASQ employ a older staff member or someone with sight challenges to review the QP magazine before going to print. Because of the less than ideal readability, I find the “readability quality” misses the target in Quality Progress. I would love to hear if anyone else notices this.

@David Harry, thank you for sharing your feedback. Ensuring readability for everyone is certainly something we consider and strive for, and I’ll be sure to share your observations with our team. Thank you for being a valuable member and reader!