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Ray Lotfi
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Should the Quality Progress Journal replay to comments of publications and if so how do they reply and when?
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Hi Ray
I'm an editor on the QP team. How can we help?
Ray Lotfi
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On 25 January 2021 I wrote a comment to QP head editor Ms. Sanders (ssanders@asq.org) and left a voice message related to poor unacceptable subject of "Taking A Bite out of Risk" published on QP of January 2021.
As a SME, instructor of FMEA and publisher the minimum ASQ QP should do confirm receiving comments beside correcting errors. Let us remember ASQ values is only with members only.
Thank you
I apologize for the delay. Can you resend your note to me (medmund@asq.org)? I can forward things to the author and we can figure things out. Thanks