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Hello, we set up our events in EDT however if members are not logged into myASQ or are not a member of our community, they will see the event listed in CDT.

This is causing some confusion with people not paying attention to the timezone listed; is there a way that the myASQ site could default an event to the timezone with which it was set up so that anyone viewing the event will see the correct information? Thank you - Chris

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Roy Weidig
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Hello! I find that using a clever spelling of a time zone helps those know which one we are using. For example, I routinely use "Cowboy Daylight Time" for CDT since I live in Texas. For EDT, may I suggest "Equestrian Daylight Time" followed by "(EDT)" which would jog many people to realize you MIGHT be kidding and then there will be a "Doh!" moment when the reader realizes it's REALLY Eastern Time.

If a person doesn't pay attention, well, you can't fix <fill in the bank>..... <insert appropriate emoji which suits your mood>

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Roy Weidig

Hi Roy, that's a great suggestion actually. The issue though is that myASQ .org will change the time itself. i.e. if I list a time as 5:30, others can see it as 4:30. This shouldn't be happening.

Christopher Cinieri‍ What is the time zone in your "My Account" settings? I believe the events are going to match whatever time zone is listed in your settings, and the default setting is set to Central.

It’s set to NY in my account settings.


The images above are what I'm referring to - the site itself is listing the times incorrectly - wondering if this is something that can be corrected? In this case, I've set up the even in EDT which displays correctly for me however others see the CDT entry when viewing the event. Not good.