Quality Benchmarking
I work in the Property Insurance Market and I am having a hard time finding any benchmark data.. related to.
1. How many evaluators to employee is typical? 1 evaluator to 20 employee's?
2. We use a score of 95% for quality? Is that an industry standard?
3. What do you use for a sample size calc? We use an internally developed tool

I would be happy to share what we do as well.
Michelle Stark
Citizens Property Insurance (Florida)
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Trish Borzon
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@Michelle Stark - I'm sorry I missed this! Just going to tag a few people who might be able to help. And Yes! please share what you currently do.

@Jeremiah Genest , @Duke Okes , @Grace Duffy , @Daniel Zrymiak - can you help?



Duke Okes
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I'd start by contacting one of the industry organizations listed here:

For the sample size, you should use a sample that includes a cross-section of the various groups you wish to measure so that you can approximate the population characteristics.

Also, consider the data tools and practices that you are using for analysis, as large samples can start to be cumbersome and difficult to manage.