New Communities!
Amanda Foster 1083
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It's good to see new communities popping up like flowers in the spring!
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Yes, agree. But ongoing changes to the underlying software and the resultant surprises are (sometimes) unnerving. I am not yet prepared to give up my section's custom web site until the community pages become more stable.


Samuel Prasad, PhD, CSQE
Amanda Foster 1083
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That's an interesting tidbit I was unaware of! I hope things stabilize soon!
Dan Burrows 250
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Same with the ASQ Reliability & Risk Division.  We had communicated our requirements to ASQ HQ IT before myASQ launched (actually before the predecessor to myASQ launched - there have been multiple attempts at this) explaining the capabilities that we needed of myASQ in order to communicate with our members, offer live and recorded webinars, host virtual meetings, and have site metrics.  Our requirements went unaddressed and myASQ launched.

While we wait for our fully capable myASQ community site, you can visit our web site at and follow us on LinkedIn and view our recorded webinars on Vimeo
Amanda Foster 1083
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I have been to your site and can vouch for the great content!

I definitely hope myASQ gets the updates it needs to be useful for the Reliability and Risk Division.