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Prashant Godbole
Hello All members Join the ASQ Next-Gen Sub-Committee for our Quarterly Networking Social on Tuesday, January ...
Nancy Braier
Hello lean six sigma community! My on demand presentation on Implementing LSS in a regulatory program became ...
Nancy Braier Mar '21
Here is the link Enjoy!
Hi Nancy Braier ‍ - thanks for speaking for us! It was nice to meet you in the 'Lounge'
Willy Vandenbrande
Hi all, as of today my contribution is available as on-demand session. If there are any questions: I will be ...
Thanks Willy Vandenbrande ‍ - Great to see you :D
Daniel Zrymiak
I would like to express my Gratitude to Trish Borzon ‍ ; along with the ASQ staff members, who facilitated and ...
Daniel Zrymiak Mar '21
Awwwwe - Thanks Daniel Zrymiak‍ !
David Harry
Hi L&SS Conference Attendees (& Potential Attendees), 1. I'm Dave Harry . I'm an ASQ Certified Six Sigma ...
David Harry Feb '21
David Harry ‍ - thanks so much for joining us in the 'Lounge' today . Was lovely to talk to you again
Trish Borzon
Hi, please use this discussion board to introduce yourself to your fellow attendees. I'm Trish Borzon, Community ...
Trish Borzon Jan '21
hello Trish Borzon ‍ you can tag me Daniel Zrymiak

Thank you for facilitating the session today.

Daniel Zrymiak ‍ - IT WORKED!!! :D Was so fun to see everyone
Korwin Anderson
Hello L&SS community, It's my first time at the L&SS conference. I'm a Software Quality Assurance ...
Korwin Anderson Mar '21
Korwin Anderson ‍ - Welcome! Hope you're enjoying the conference so far. I'll be in the lounge at 3. Stop in to say hi ...
Pam Vecellio
This is great and energizing; lots of varying topics and discussions in today's conference! We were just ...
Pam Vecellio Mar '21

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