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Ajit Basrur
I wanted to know if I can claim RUs for the completion of Malcolm Baldrige Examiner training and any activities ...

I'm sure you can for the training. Just submit a copy of any certificate or letter from the training provider.


Peter Chou
Hi everyone, I am employed as a senior specialist in the QA department and my responsibilities are for post market ...

Hi @Peter Chou

If you log into

You'll find everything covered - Click on “How to Claim” to see the details of each ...

        Thank you Trish.

        Per your explanation, I believe I should be able to get 3.6 RU/year since I am full-time employed in ...

        Peter Chou
        Hi everyone, I got my CQA recently. Do you know how many RU's I will get per year being employed as a QA worker? Thank ...

        The Recertification Journal provides info on RUs for different activities, including your job. It may take a long ...

        thank you. since I got my cqa in Apr, journal/Recertification is not available to me until Jun 30. I am simply ...

        Try this link:

        Thank you so much.

        Craig Atkinson
        Does either Section 903 or 918 still have active meetings where I can attend and pick up RU points?
        Craig Atkinson Apr '22
        Duke Okes Duke Okes Apr '22

        Didn't find anything for Kokomo.

        For Indy both the myASQ pages and their website indicate not much action.

        Kimberly Holley
        Hello. I'm fairly new here - this may be a little premature, but I sit for my CQM/OE exam in just a couple of weeks. I ...
        Kimberly Holley Feb '22

        So, to follow up with this… in hopes someone will reply, I'm still having some trouble with the recertification ...

        Now I am facing the same issue, the most efficient way should be making calls and asking for help. Good luck.

        Your journal is the best guideto help you build the points you need for recertification. Consider joining your ...
        Trish Borzon
        I get a lot of questions on how to obtain RU's for recertification. Many of the sections and divisions have opened up ...
        Trish Borzon Sep '21

        Hi Trish Borzon - please contact the Toronto section - spider ...

        Wesley Richardson
        I have been trying to add recertification entries to my ASQ online Recertification Journal. It times out and ...
        Call ASQ HQ at 1-800-248-1946 toget technical help with this error.

        no ,I was able to upload something last week… may be the time of day/week…not sure what time of week the site goes ...

        I had previously called ASQ HQ. After talking with a few different people there, I was finally able to get them to ...

        Rakesh Shah
        As per last meeting, I know that much that it is available in Shared Data but don't know how to access it.
        Rakesh Shah Jan '21
        Hi Rakesh Shah ‍ - That information would come from the section.  Desmond Mahadeo ‍ - could you help out here.
        Ceri Dwen Ceri Dwen Oct '21

        Trish Borzon:
        Hi Rakesh Shah ‍ - That information would come from the section. Desmond Mahadeogeometry dash ...

        Nicole Strandlund
        Hi there. Do presenters get more RUs than attendees at conferences & webinars?

        Hi @Nicole Strandlund - there's actually a different spot to add credentials if you're a Course Instructor


        But do presentations count as courses?

        if it was for a section/division meeting it would go for ASQ sponsored or Company


        Alexey Togunov
        So working on my latest renewal, and noticed the multimedia category shows as 0.25 RU/15 min on several pages on the ...
        Alexey Togunov Oct '21

        Hi @Alexey Togunov - That is indeed a typo. The correct rate is 0.025 RU / 15 min.