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Melissa Finger
Do you offer CQIA training classes online? Or offer study groups for CQIA?
Melissa Finger May '21
Hi Melissa - Yes, we do. I would recommend the question bank and/or quality 101 ...
Ade Line Ade Line Jul '21
Tina Arora Tina Arora Dec '21

This is really awesome and informative, best part of this post is your unique concept which is different from other ...

Rakesh Shah
As per last meeting, I know that much that it is available in Shared Data but don't know how to access it.
Rakesh Shah Jan '21
Hi Rakesh Shah ‍ - That information would come from the section.Β  Desmond Mahadeo ‍ - could you help out here.
Ceri Dwen Ceri Dwen Oct '21

Trish Borzon:
Hi Rakesh Shah ‍ - That information would come from the section. Desmond Mahadeo ‍ geometry dash ...

Nicole Strandlund
Hi there. Do presenters get more RUs than attendees at conferences & webinars?

Hi @Nicole Strandlund - there's actually a different spot to add credentials if you're a Course Instructor


But do presentations count as courses?

if it was for a section/division meeting it would go for ASQ sponsored or Company


Alexey Togunov
So working on my latest renewal, and noticed the multimedia category shows as 0.25 RU/15 min on several pages on the ...
Alexey Togunov Oct '21

Hi @Alexey Togunov - That is indeed a typo. The correct rate is 0.025 RU / 15 min.

James Maynard
I am located in Fremantle, Western Australia and in the past have used the Conferences to get most of the way to ...
James Maynard Sep '21

Hi @James Maynard - many of the Technical Communities record and may post past events on Youtube or on their myASQ ...

What evidence would I need to keep to claim the RUs against my recertification for the training effort?

Take a screenshot of the opening screen (title included) would work and you can enter the date viewed in the ...

Trang Nguyen
Hello, I am renew my certificate this year. I need help collecting my attendance and credits for the meetings from ...
Trang Nguyen May '21
Hi Trang Nguyen ‍ -thanks for joining us here.

Robert Mitchell ‍from the Phoenix section can help.

The ASQ Phoenix Section automatically collects
attendee name and email upon registration to our monthly ...
thanks Trish Borzon‍
Hi Robert Mitchell ‍,
Thanks for the information. I'm not sure if anything was sent out but I attended the May 13 ...

The RU certificate for attending the May 13, 2021 Program meeting (MIND Framework to engage teams) was ...
Trish Borzon
I get a lot of questions on how to obtain RU's for recertification. Many of the sections and divisions have opened up ...
Trish Borzon Sep '21
Kevin Manglos
Hello my fellow ASQ members. I am hoping someone can provide some guidance on this. Regarding re-cert credits. ...
Kevin Manglos Jan '19
I have used training provided by my employer as part of my recertification in the past. Β I have always treated it ...
This is what the recertification journal has in reference to this subject. It looks like a certificate or letter of ...

Hi Kevin,

I agree with Gary and Amanda.Β  I have submitted of these types of courses on company letterhead, signed by ...
thanks to all for the info!Β 
Ceri Dwen Ceri Dwen Sep '21

Thank you, this question was also relevant to me.

geometry dash

Charlene Dehn
Can I earn RUs towards my re-certification by attending section meetings or section hosted webinars? Thanks.
Charlene Dehn Apr '21
of course. Attending meetingsand workshops earn RU credits even if they are virtual.
Hi Char, yes you can. Each meeting will say how many RUs you will get credit for.
Thank you!
Does anyone know how decide RUs for webinars and Section meeting. I have no clue. Need some help as we organize lots ...

Hi Francis - what if the webinar doesn't state any RUs - does that mean that those do not have any?

Michael Hirt
How do we get the evidence for RU's for attending the WCQI and viewing the sessions?
Michael Hirt Jun '21
Hi Michael Hirt ‍ - Simply upload your registration confirmation pdf into your online recert journal to claim the ...
Documenting virtual attendanceduring this pandemic is a problem. That should have beenaddressed when you ...
Hi Trish Borzon ‍ - my online journal has not been automatically assigned. You mention the registration ...

If you received a confirmationof attendance, you have to create your online journal and upload acopy of ...