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Kristian Mendez
Hi Everyone my name is Kristian, but I prefer to go by my middle name (VALERIA). I have been working in Quality for ...
Luis Calisto
Hi I'm new to ASQ. I'm currently took on a role as a Lead Construction QA Analysis for Amtrak. This is a relatively new ...
Jean Claude Garay
Any word on meetings to obtain some Recertification Units?
Raymond Oakley
Hello, I am an ASQ member for over 30 years. I have been a reliability engineer, programer, designer, Supplier ...
Mahboubeh Shabani Samghabadi
Hello everyone, I am Maribel. I hold a master degree in Quality System Management and a master degree in Chemical ...
Maxwell Chambers
My name is Maxx Chambers, I am 52 years old and I currently work in Ruskin Florida as a Quality Manager for a Medical ...
Maaz Naqvi
My Name is Maaz Naqvi, I am 32 years old and its been 5 years in the field of Quality management. I a certified ISO 9001: ...
Jose Martin
Hello everyone, my name is Jose Martin I'm 36 year old and I'm from Mexico. I've working already for 13 years in ...
Jose Martin Nov '22

@Jose Martin welcome! Glad to have you as part of our community.

@Jose Martin welcome to the community. 😊

Jennifer Burgess
My name is Jennifer, but I prefer to go by Jen. I am about to graduate next month with my Bachelor's in Quality ...

@Jennifer Burgess congrats on the upcoming graduation and welcome to ASQ!

@Jennifer Burgess Thanks for introducing yourself. I'm actively getting more involved in auditing as well. ASQ ...

Go to lots of ASQ events! network and always keep learning!!

Melissa Ambrose
My name is Melissa Ambrose. I work in plastics manufacturing of beverage containers. I’ve been in the industry for ...
Melissa Ambrose Nov '22

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