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Jennifer Tucker
Thank you, Benito. And thank you to all our attendees for joining the live chat today.
You can follow future ...
Jennifer Tucker Mar '19
Thank you Jennifer for the opportunity to have this conversation with my colleagues and fellow members.
Thank you ...
Jennifer Tucker
I’m excited to welcome Benito Flores, ASQ’s Board of Directors Chair for 2019. Benito is a long-time ASQ member and ...
Jennifer Tucker Mar '19
Shannon Bishop
Will you be attending to WCQI? What are you most looking forward to about this year's conference? 
Shannon Bishop Mar '19
Hi Shannon!
You bet! Our World Conference is my --event-of-the-year!!!---. I don't want my wife or my students to ...
Daniel Zrymiak
Have you read and do you support Article 1 and Article 4 of ASQ's Bylaws?

If so, will you defend and sustain them for ...
Daniel Zrymiak Mar '19
Hello Daniel! Great to hear from you. 
You are highlighting two of the articles that better define what ASQ is, my ...
Benito Flores
Thank you Jennifer! It is my pleasure to be hear. 

Dear Colleagues: look forward to answering your questions and ...
Benito Flores Mar '19
Benito-  Thank-you for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with ASQ members.  What can you tell us about ...
Unable to view or engage in Live Chat. Appears able to send a message. Barry W. Colby
Hello Benito, thank you for chatting to us today. I am interested to hear about your strategic vision for ASQ. 
Hello Jim! Very glad to hear from you. 
I think the future of quality is bright. And so it is ASQ's future. We will ...
Barry Colby ‍ , you're currently in the live chat and if you have a question for Benito you are welcome to post it ...
Dawn Caous
Benito, what do you see as the most important objective that ASQ must accomplish in 2019?
Dawn Caous Mar '19
Hello Dawn, good to hear from you.
Our must important goal is to adapt ourselves to the rapid changing conditions of ...
Tim Gaens
As an European member it is still not clear how the transformation is going roll out.
I see Divisions forced in some ...
Tim Gaens Mar '19
Hello Tim, thanks for reaching out. I trust all is well with you and yours.
Transformation is focused on providing ...
Tim Gaens Tim Gaens Mar '19
Hi Benito,

Thanks for your feedback.
I'm really looking forward to see the transformation completed.
I know we ...
Scott Moeller
 thanks for doing it!  Bravo!!
Scott Moeller Mar '19
Hello Scott, thanks for your message. Yes, we can use this tool to connect with colleagues and ASQ fellow members ...