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Joyce Gaston
Hello Everyone, I'm working in a start-up QA organization and have the task to build a QMS framework. Does anyone ...
Joyce Gaston Oct '21

ISO 9001 is a great starting place and provides a good framework for building an effective QMS.

Janet, thank you so much for your response. I’ll take a look at ISO 9001
Guiomar Meaders
Hello Everyone, First of all, thank you to everyone for all the answers and feedback to my questions. Here is ...
Guiomar Meaders Oct '21
Guiomar Meaders
Hello Everyone, Do you know of any database like OASIS for aerospace, for non-aerospace suppliers? I need to find a ...
Guiomar Meaders Oct '21
Hello, Trisha,
I believe one way to search is to go to the ANAB (American National Accreditation Board) and search ...
Thank you!

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@Shelley Baldwin Thank you!

Lori Sherman
I moved to Milwaukee from the Chicago area a year ago and was looking for a new section to join.  I reached out via ...
Lori Sherman May '20
Hey Lori! I will email Customer Care on your behalf and CC you in the email. Customer Care will be able to switch the ...

I also have the same problem…the website is not easy to navigate. How do I switch to the San Diego Section?

Hi @Jason Bender - Sorry for the delay. But I just looked at your record and it has been updated. Let me know if you have ...

How do I find contacts for my new section…I have not gotten invitesfor the monthly meeting yet.


On ...

Hi Jason - I'm tagging a couple of people from your section here @David Hehir and @Rhonda Hayes are from the Los ...

Guiomar Meaders
Hi Everyone, looking for resources and recommendations on automating QMS. Thank you! @Trish Borzon
Guiomar Meaders Sep '21
Michelle Stark
I work in the Property Insurance Market and I am having a hard time finding any benchmark data.. related to. 1. How ...
Michelle Stark Apr '21

@Michelle Stark - I'm sorry I missed this! Just going to tag a few people who might be able to help. And Yes! please ...

Duke Okes Duke Okes Aug '21

I'd start by contacting one of the industry organizations listed here:

For the sample size, you should use a sample that includes a cross-section of the various groups you wish to measure ...

Joseph Basala
Has there been any progress on developing an app in order to be able to use myASQ more efficiently from a mobile ...
Joseph Basala Jan '21
I see a message just came out today about ASQ launching a mobile app! Get the app
Jerri Ji
The Upcoming Events page shows old events.
Jerri Ji Mar '21
Ray Lotfi
Should the Quality Progress Journal replay to comments of publications and if so how do they reply and when?
Ray Lotfi Mar '21
Ray Lotfi
Shouldn't the Quality Progress journal reply to comments members have on the publications? Would anyone know the ...
Ray Lotfi Mar '21