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Nanjarivelo Misa Nicolas Ralainarivo
10 73
Hi everyone, I'm looking for a podcast covering lean six sigma, organizational excellence and leadership. So, would you kindly share what is your favorite podcast? Or just make a suggestion I'm fully open. Looking forward to hearing from you all. Cheers. Misa

@Norm Howe @jeffrey veyera does TWE have a podcast or is that HD&L?

@Nanjarivelo Misa Nicolas Ralainarivo Gemba Academy has a weekly podcast that covers those topics -

There is no ...

Don MacArthur
In MSA, is it acceptable/valid to replace “operator” with “machine” for measurement systems that don't involve an operator? An example is where I want to check the repeatability and reproducibility amongst three separate but identical automated measurement systems.
Don MacArthur Sep '22
Anish Shah Anish Shah Sep '22

Don - A lot depends on what the test criteria is for - machine, fixtures used on the machine, set up/qualification of ...

Ravi Chinchalkar
I am preparing for the ASQ CQA exam rigorously , i have been prepared form JP Russels book , now i saw that Coleman 5 th edition is too there.Shall i continue with JP only or need to procure Coleman's handbook. Please, would like to know.
Hello, Mr. Chinchalkar,
Although you don't indicate which of JP Russell's books you are referencing, none of his ...

Hi Ravi, I sure understand what you mean. Although Russel is the editor for the 4th edition and Coleman for the 5th, ...

Doan-Trinh Nguyen
Hi! I'm looking for guidance on complying with New York State Department of Health Clinical Laboratory Standards of Practice. LIMS S4 states "The laboratory shall validate any system changes, including new or revised software and/or hardware prior to their use for specimen testing, reporting and record keeping functions." With agile ...
The amount of validation required by health authorities is commensurate with the level of risk. I first recommend ...
Thank you for your insights. I appreciate the suggestions very much.
Janet Lentz
My employers invested quite a lot of money in my training, from quality standards to soft skills to leadership. Not once did anyone check to make sure I actually learned anything from the training. And without the opportunity to actually apply what I learned, there was no guarantee it ever translated into knowledge. Some of it stuck. Some of it was a huge ...


Happy New Year, and you bring up interesting as well as intriguing questions.

I was once informed to follow " ...

@Janet Lentz
There's a phrase I hear from Lean Six Sigma Trainers: “One and done.”

By this, they mean that students ...