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Nanjarivelo Misa Nicolas Ralainarivo
Hi everyone, I'm looking for a podcast covering lean six sigma, organizational excellence and leadership. So, would you kindly share what is your favorite podcast? Or just make a suggestion I'm fully open. Looking forward to hearing from you all. Cheers. Misa

@Norm Howe @jeffrey veyera does TWE have a podcast or is that HD&L?

@Nanjarivelo Misa Nicolas Ralainarivo Gemba Academy has a weekly podcast that covers those topics -

There is no ...

Don MacArthur
In MSA, is it acceptable/valid to replace “operator” with “machine” for measurement systems that don't involve an operator? An example is where I want to check the repeatability and reproducibility amongst three separate but identical automated measurement systems.
Don MacArthur Sep '22
Anish Shah Anish Shah Sep '22

Don - A lot depends on what the test criteria is for - machine, fixtures used on the machine, set up/qualification of ...

Jeffrey Wenzel
My Quality leader is pushing for me to get my CSSGB (and probably CSSBB as next stepping stone down the line), but looking at the BoK, it appears to be the same material as was covered in my CQE exam. I get that it should make passing the CSSGB exam easier, but is there truly any benefit to having the CSSGB when you already have CQE?

Hey @Jeffrey!!

I actually get this question all the time, so I created this youtube video to answer the question:

@Jeffrey Wenzel Andrew's video is a great summary of the similarities and differences betwee GB and QE exams. My ...

Lan Nguyen
Hello, I am searching for an alternative platform to house, track, monitor, and report on CAPAs. We are currently using SAP but it comes with many drawbacks. Not user-friendly from both end-user and administration sides such as what information is required, what is not required? Not easy to customize without going through IT which it is a scarce ...

@Lan Nguyen
Hi Lan, In my previous job we used “PLEX” as our ERP system and I think one of its powerful tools was its ...

@Lan Nguyen
I have been very happy with the performance and ability to customize BPI by Qualitech Solutions. I can ...

Suresh Kumar Raja
Hi All, What was the best statistical software package you used for your process improvement project ? What were pros and cons of the software

@Suresh Kumar Raja

There are robust packages like Minitab or JMP. They are validated but are expensive and have ...

@Suresh Kumar Raja
When you say statistical package do you mean SPC, pure statistics or both?

There are ...