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Recent Discussions

Scott Keatinge
Hello all, I passed the CSSGB in early December 2020, and am still waiting for my certificate to arrive due to living outside the US.  Could someone please let me know what the certificate looks like, as the PDF version of the letter and certificate that has been sent to me via snail mail is simply a white piece of paper with no ASQ logo or anything else? Thanks ...
I just checked the certificate I received for the CMQ/OE from 2018.  It was a white piece of paper, no logo. I'm ...
That's slightly dissapointing, especially due to how expensive the exam is.  Other examing bodies include their ...
Vijay Bhuvanendran Nair Goury Kutty
Hello I am planning to attend my CQE exam next month remotely ( https://rpcandidate.prometric.com/ ). Can you please share your experience attending this exam remotely. I wanted to know if reference materials ( like 'The certified quality engineer handbook') and calculators are allowed during the remote exam? Thanks Vijay
Hi Vijay Bhuvanendran Nair Goury Kutty ‍ - Be sure to do the readiness check prior to your exam. I do know of a few ...
Hi Trish
Thanks for your reply.
Yes I checked my system readiness and it was good. I am doing it from my personal ...
Joy Young
Looking for some help and thoughts.  I am a CQM and CQA and am now studying for the CSSBB and am really struggling with the statistics portion of the study guide.  I am even losing sleep over it.   If you're asking why I am doing it, my position is now requesting we have it, plus it's a bonus in the workplace.  I already have my project done and approved and have ...
Joy Young 28d
Hi Joy Young ‍ - I'm so sorry to not answer sooner! There are a lot of conversations on here about the difficulties of ...

The Analyze phase accounts for roughly 15% of the exam. It contains Hypothesis Testing which most people find ...
Charles Nigro
A question from a senior member of my company was can you become ISO certified when you’re not a profitable company. I am under the impression a certification body would not accept a contract to perform certification if your not profitable. Thus the question, i s it allowable to become certified if your company isn’t profitable?  
Are you talking about ISO 9001? 
As long as your organization has the funds to pay for the certification service it would be OK. You could look at it as ...
Paul Richards
Hello! I've attached a presentation from a Webinar on the topic: Preparing for EU MDR in a Pandemic? Preparing for EU MDR in a Pandemic.pdf If your organization exports medical devices to the EU this is must-know information. Please check it out and let me know if you have any questions! Thanks, Paul