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Recent Discussions

Steven Schuelka
Thank you to the 1000s who have joined the myASQ Community.  I'd like to throw out this challenge for this month. Too many profiles are blank   So for August my challenge to all those members who have yet to include anything on their profile is to post ONE thing about yourself on those blank profiles.  It could be how many ASQ Certifications you hold; it ...
hi Steven Schuelka ‍ - I agree!  It is always nicer to see the face your interacting with :)   
Levi Miedema

Hello, my name is Levi. I am twenty years old and am a student at Wheaton College (IL). I am double majoring in Biology and Spanish and hope to pursue graduate school and a MD-PhD program and, one day, become a missionary doctor to impoverished regions of Latin and South America. I have been diligently applying to scholarships since March in order to help ...
I would recommend that you contact the local ASQ section (probably Chicago) and get to know their board or one or ...
Hi Levi Miedema ‍ - Welcome myASQ!  Which scholarship were you looking at?  Let me know & I hopefully I can connect ...
Zubin Khalfay
Any advice on designing a QMS for a small organization? where there is not a lot of hierarchy, can any one share their experience with ISO 9001:2015 for small organization, how to get the most out of the standard? what to look out for? key points? any help will me much appreciated!
I'd say keep it simple.  This new standard allows for less documentation than the 2008 version did, but you should ...
Hi Zubin Khalfay ‍, 

Perhaps this Quality Press title could help you?

ISO 9001: 2015 Handbook for Small and ...
Md Iftekhar Hossain

I am preparing for the CSSGB exam. While looking for materials, I have found an online question bank and the hard book titled "The ASQ CSSGB Study Guide". This study guide also looks like contain question bank based on the reference book. I was wondering if both of these things will offer similar material or different. Can anybody please answer.
The material is based on the CSSGB Body of Knowledge.  The Study Guide references the ASQ Six Sigma Green Belt ...
James Healy
Have noticed there are less local section members signing up for certification classes and less becoming certified. Are other sections and ASQ, in general, experiencing the same?   

Hi James Healy ‍  - Actually we are seeing an increase overall in online and virtual classes and Certification ...