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Trish Borzon
Hi everyone, World Quality Month starts November 1! We've created Banners, posters, social media images, and Webcam, Desktop, and mobile wallpaper backgrounds for you to celebrate quality wins. Find all at What is your quality win?
Trish Borzon Oct '21

i think a Quality Win would be for more of ASQ's Professional Members to upgrade to ASQ Senior Member. This upgrade ...

    What was your personal quality win @Daniel Zrymiak ?

    I would say one of mine was hosting/facilitating the Speaker ...

    Jay Arthur
    The IHI has announced a goal of cutting healthcare waste by 50% by 2025. That's half a TRILLION dollars ($500B). Unfortunately, just as there is no one-size-fits-all treatment for every patient you see, there is no one-size-fits-all improvement solution for every hospital. Diagnosis and treatment must be done hospital-by-hospital, and the most ...
    Claudio Genesini
    Hi, ASQ team. I am studying the Lean Specialized Credential E-Learning and, in the subject OEE, in the case study topic, I am in doubt in two questions. The scenario in the case study is: Both hospitals in the Rolling Meadows healthcare system provide radiology services and use Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to generate detailed images. There is one ...
    Hi Claudio. I think you need to consider the 260 weekdays as the de department is open 12h/d weekdays. Then the ...
    Gulamhusain Ahmed
    Dear ASQ Colleagues, After a rewarding 30-year career in project managing and quality, I retired and now tutor mathematics at the local community college. I am thinking of starting an introductory college level (for credit course) in quality fundamentals. Any suggestions on a textbook, teaching materials, projects, learning games, etc. would be ...

    Hi Gulamhusain, I use Victor E. Sower's Essentials of Quality in my Quality Management class at Nova Southeastern ...

    Hi Gulamhusain, There is a consortium of California community college professors who all teach quality with the ...

    Seyedehfereshteh Mousavikelarsy
    According to drastic change around the world, I learned a new lesson from COVID-19: We need a new revolution approach like metaheuristics methods which are useful for NP-hard problems, for leadership as well. Now we know how huge changes can happen quickly and we need much more agility to make a sustainable management system and how the business ...

    Biomimicry and TRIZ are perhaps non-quantitative metaheuristic methods.

    Instead of looking for more complicated problem-solving methods, we might consider solving all of the ...