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Recent Discussions

Ray Lotfi
I have a simple question related to 2021 World Conference. First I should mention that I love ASQ and been member about 28 years. Since the 2021 conference is webinar that means there is zero expenses for the conference such as space, set up, etc. that we have on real conference. Why ASQ is charging members $575.00, Nonmember $675.00, Student $99.00, and ...
Ray Lotfi 11d
Personally I'd like an option to select and only pay for individual sessions, and/or perhaps just get a copy of the ...
As a conference speaker for ASQ, I can attest that the assertion of "zero expenses" is not accurate. I was ...
Lindsay Lapatinsky
April 7th is the celebration of World Health Day, sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO) and other related organizations. The WHO tagline for the 2021 celebration is “Let’s build a fairer, healthier world for everyone”. What does this mean? This year’s focus is on the universal right to the highest standard of health, regardless of race, ...
Deepak Negi
Hi, In my organization (service industry), There are three KPIs : OTD (On Time Delivery) Target 90% FPY (First Pass Yield) Target 95% EV (Effort Variance). Target +-20% For the last 2-3 years we are constantly over-achieving Target and never missed a KPI target. However, on-ground customers do not agree with the quality levels. The employees are ...
Hi Deepak;
My first impression is that your targets are too low. If you constantly achieve them, shouldn't you ...
Hi Deepak,
It may be worth making a review and revision of your KPIs part of your annual review cycle. In my factory we ...
Robert Stites
CACI has recently won a long term contract to support a large federal customer and is actively seeking a Quality Assurance (QA) Process Engineer to support an established quality management program that applies to maintenance and upgrades to SAP and Salesforce systems. **This is not a software testing position. ** The QA Process Engineer will ...
Michael Bost
Anyone encountered stellar companies, and/or recruiters with integrity? Posts welcomed here, or directly to me. Thanks.