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Recent Discussions

Michelle Chong 15175
I'm Michelle Chong can anyone please tell some benefits of iso 22301 lead auditor course
Francesca Juricny 15117
I am totally new to ASQ and new to quality management.  I am looking to gain experience on the best path to take to implement a data quality program into our organization.  I am hoping with my membership to ASQ I will obtain great insight from community members who have years of experience in this field.  I would love to hear from members who can ...
Thank you Duke!  I will look into that standard.
My first goal is to build a data management strategy that incorporates building standards to ensure our data is ...
Christopher Dowell 11611
Hello all! I hope everyone is staying safe out there!

I am scheduled to take the CQA one month from today. My exam was originally postponed due to COVID-19, so I decided to take advantage of that additional time and purchase the online question bank. I am glad that I did this as I found many questions that I struggled with. My question, is how much did the ...
Hi Chris, 

I bought and used the question bank for my Six Sigma Black Belt certification, and it was a great help. ...
Joe Wojniak 965
Staying employed is by far the best way to earn RUs. (Amazing, but true!)  Attending Section meetings is another opportunity, the monthly meetings add up over the 3 year re-certification period.  Training, seminars, and webinars all earn RUs or fractions of RUs.  As more content is available and delivered over the internet, how do you document this ...
Joe Wojniak Oct '18
I've watched the member gifts for April, May and now June 2020. I've taken screenshots of everything I have watched ...
I would also like to know how to earn RU for accessing member gift?
Yamilet Alfaro 14893
My name is Yami from California. I am on a mission to have many of my peers achieve certification with ASQ in the software development field (SDLC). Our current work in performing Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) and want to also add QA certification to our skillsets. Can any one suggest an ASQ course that would be a good fit for ...
Hello Yamilet, Consider messaging for a conversation with Member name Curt Gendle r here in myASQ. Curt is our ...
hi Yamilet - welcome to myASQ!  Yes, Duke Okes ‍ is correct - education does count towards experience.  
I checked ...