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Recent Discussions

Trish Borzon
ASQ moved to a fully remote workforce at the beginning of the pandemic. Virtual meetings were the new norm. Odd at first, but now it’s second nature. As we start coming back into the office, I realize all the things I’ve missed! The natural collaboration that happens when you randomly see someone in the hall and start talking. Suddenly, you are sharing ...

Yes, definitely major changes!! In my case, I retired just at the start of that period and I went from ‘official’ to ...

Even though we did not go completely remote, meetings were all virtual. Our office staff are still working ...

Christopher Tait
Recently, my company has been using training videos to train new employees on certain processes or train them on updates to existing processes. The question has come up as to whether or not these videos should be controlled in the same way we control our documents. I've looked around on the web but can't find any information on document control for ...
Rachel Ryll
Hi everyone, I'm urgently looking to contract a Mandarin speaking ISO 9001 auditor. If anyone has a contact for this speciality, could you please pass the information along? Thank you!

Hi @Rachel Ryll - you should look at Exemplar Global. They can’t specify Mandarin but if you use the “search ...

Stefanie Dussault
Looking for any and all input on how (and if ) any Government Prime Contractors out there handle flowing down GSI holdpoints to subcontractors. First, how do your Government customers flow holdpoint requirements to you? Do your customers provide GSI holdpoints in a contract attachment? Or the drawing? Or some older school methodology like a DD Form ...
Stefanie Dussault
My name is Stefanie and I am a senior manager in Quality Assurance at a mid-size federal Government Contractor. My background is primarily in federal contracting and subcontractor management. I moved into my QA role four years ago to help bolster our Supplier Quality organization. Since then, my role has expanded to include improvement of business ...