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Recent Discussions

Trish Borzon
Hi everyone - So, its November - #WorldQualityMonth  .  We have some fun ways for you to celebrate.  But sure to take the Quality Tool Quiz  and let me know your results.  I'm a Pareto...But when I took it the first time, I was a Fishbone diagram.  :D   What are you? 
I am a Fishbone Diagram!  (That was fun!)
Fishbone  Diagram. 🐟
Trish Borzon
Hi Everyone!  We have another fun little game for you.  What's your Quality Superhero name?  Mine is Captain Brainstorm Bandit!  lol - I have lots of ideas!!!   Reply with your name. 
Hi Trish:

I am the "The Flying TQM Thunder"

Enjoyed your idea,

Have a nice day,

Roberto Tahan ‍ - Thanks for playing!  :D 
Jim Nelson
Looking for recommendations on software for ballooning or highlighting technical documents for inspection purposes. Client has a new project with 100's of parts to setup for FAI and needs to consider a better alternative to the manual process currently in place. Thanks in advance for your insight and feedback!
Heather Pralsh
Hello and Happy Friday my Quality and Compliance professionals! I am reaching out in the hopes that you can help me resolve a dilemma. I'm part of a compliance team focused on internally reviewing compliance of operational groups to organizational  processes, but the team itself are not official auditors nor inspectors for the company. That said, ...
A google search finds several folks trying to define the differences, but still pretty muddy.  However, my ...
Thanks for the reply, Duke. My Google search had about the same results. Seems like a good way to differentiate it. 
Rachel Foxton
Hi I am writing my CQA exam in a couple of weeks and am a little confused.  I thought it was only 165 multiple choice questions but I have seen reference on here to 'case studies'.  Also it is 5 hours long which doesn't make sense for 165 questions and I have seen in a couple of places that the passing grade required is '550/750' and I am not sure what that means. ...
# of questions and amount of time is correct.  550 of 750 means it takes just over 70% to pass.
Hi Rachel Foxton ‍ - Welcome to myASQ and thank you for being a member!   I checked with our Certification team - ...