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Recent Discussions

Trish Borzon
Hi everyone - So, its November - #WorldQualityMonth  .  We have some fun ways for you to celebrate.  But sure to take the Quality Tool Quiz  and let me know your results.  I'm a Pareto...But when I took it the first time, I was a Fishbone diagram.  :D   What are you? 
I am a Fishbone Diagram!  (That was fun!)
Fishbone  Diagram. 🐟
Brian Winchester
Does anyone know of a good source to find used testing equipment? (new equipment, if I have to). I am looking for the ability to test stretch properties of fabric, ASTM 6614 specifically. Any guidance would be much appreciated.
Here's a source of various types of equipment I'm familiar with:  https://www.kwipped.com/
Hera Jetpuri
Hi! It is my first time recertifying and I needed some help.  For Multimedia activities, can it be any multimedia source that can be job enhancing? For instance, if I am required to complete company related elearning training to help in my role, will this count?
hi Hera Jetpuri ‍  - I checked with our Cert team & here's their reply 
Yes, that would qualify. If it is more formal ...
Thank you! Does the supervisor need to explain beyond expectations?
Thomas Neumeyer
My name is Thomas Neumeyer, and I am a cross-border senior member residing in Seattle and also a member of their section. I joined the Vancouver section in 2020 intending to participate in the section and I will stop there regarding 2020... I also only recently discovered this resource and intend to participate more in 2021. About me I am a senior quality ...
Hi Thomas Neumeyer ‍ - Welcome to myASQ & thank you for your membership.  We have a LOT of lone wolves.  But that's ...
Hi Trish Borzon ‍ much appreciated and I am happy to be in the community.
Janet Lentz
I am interested in learning how people got their start in Quality and what they think of their chosen career path. How did you start your career and how did you end up in Quality? What is your biggest challenge? What do you like best about being a Quality professional?  
Janet Lentz Mar '19

How did you start your career and how did you end up in Quality?

I was a desktop publisher for my current employer, a ...
Duke Okes Duke Okes Mar '19
Amanda, actually you're in manufacturing.  You manufacture manuals, reports and training.  How often are there ...