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Sarah Christie
Hello Everyone! Please allow me a moment of your time. My name is Sarah Christie and I am a Doctoral Candidate at Florida Tech gathering data about a topic that I believe will help all of us in the Quality field. I am trying to see if certain types of quality management practices have an impact on non-conformances. I would appreciate it if you could take 10 ...

Thank you for those who have filled out a Survey!! Just a few more and I will be finished!!

Survey responses are slowly coming in… if you haven't had a chance to fill out my survey, please take a moment to do ...

Ryan Snedeker
Hello everyone! My name is Ryan Snedeker and I have been in quality about 15 years. I am mainly in the aerospace industry but we also perform work for Oil and Gas. Most of my experience is in contract manufacturing. We are a small job shop that is transitioning into a high production shop. This presents a challenge in designing and creating processes that ...

Hi @Ryan Snedeker - thanks for your membership and joining us here on myASQ! Great to have you

If you have any ...

Lindsay Pietenpol
Just as a building’s architecture influences its purpose and usefulness, an organization’s nonphysical business structure has a major impact on its daily operations and, ultimately, its success. The business structure defines the organization, showing work units, decision-making pathways, the flow of operations and resource use. So what is ...
Travia Belton
Hey good morning everyone, My name is Travia (Tray-Vee-Uh) Belton and I recently started as a quality assurance associate at a biotechnology company in April of this year. Prior to this I worked as a Quality Control Data Reviewer at a CRO. A challenge I'm tackling right now is being the only employee in the Quality Department and managing new ...

Hi @Travia Belton

Welcome to myASQ, thanks for joining & jumping on here right away! We love to have new members!!


Linda Andrade Gonzalez
On September 15th 1821, following almost three centuries of Spanish conquest and colonization, the independence of Mexico was achieved. After 11 years of battles, this movement initially led by Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, who issued the famous Grito de Dolores, and followed by thousands of insurgents finally managed to beat the Spaniards. Since ...