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Recent Discussions

Trish Borzon
Hi everyone - So, its November - #WorldQualityMonth  .  We have some fun ways for you to celebrate.  But sure to take the Quality Tool Quiz  and let me know your results.  I'm a Pareto...But when I took it the first time, I was a Fishbone diagram.  :D   What are you? 
I am a Fishbone Diagram!  (That was fun!)
Fishbone  Diagram. 🐟
Trish Borzon
Hi Everyone!  We have another fun little game for you.  What's your Quality Superhero name?  Mine is Captain Brainstorm Bandit!  lol - I have lots of ideas!!!   Reply with your name. 
Hi Trish:

I am the "The Flying TQM Thunder"

Enjoyed your idea,

Have a nice day,

Roberto Tahan ‍ - Thanks for playing!  :D 
Allen Brazee
Hello- I have been tasked with a major internal corrective action for my company to implement an effective way to control our documents. We are a production shop that acquires prints from customers and produces their parts. We do not do our own drafting so all prints come from the customer, but we are having problems with old revisions getting in the mix ...
Christopher Tait
Hello, An external auditor recommended that our company convert to an electronic document control system. Currently, we have a Document Master List on Excel that needs to be manually updated and an Intranet system where documents are stored. There is also a separate system that is used for (amongst other things) tracking document approval. I've ...
Desneiges Brunette
Hello everyone! I am developing a Quality Management System/Business Management System for an organization using MS Word and PDFs rather than HTML. I am looking for a tool that would check hyperlinks within documents. I have searched for this and cannot find anything... would anyone know of such a tool? Thanks in advance! Desneiges