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Nanjarivelo Misa Nicolas Ralainarivo
10 86
Hi everyone, I'm looking for a podcast covering lean six sigma, organizational excellence and leadership. So, would you kindly share what is your favorite podcast? Or just make a suggestion I'm fully open. Looking forward to hearing from you all. Cheers. Misa

@Norm Howe @jeffrey veyera does TWE have a podcast or is that HD&L?

@Nanjarivelo Misa Nicolas Ralainarivo Gemba Academy has a weekly podcast that covers those topics -

There is no ...

Don MacArthur
In MSA, is it acceptable/valid to replace “operator” with “machine” for measurement systems that don't involve an operator? An example is where I want to check the repeatability and reproducibility amongst three separate but identical automated measurement systems.
Don MacArthur Sep '22
Anish Shah Anish Shah Sep '22

Don - A lot depends on what the test criteria is for - machine, fixtures used on the machine, set up/qualification of ...

Amara Jah
Hey everyone, I have been given a task to lead a continuous improvement program. However, I first wanted to measure the quality culture and adjust accordingly. Is there any resource out there that I can use as a guide ?

@Amara Jah

Talk to Jack Garvey at Compliance Architects: Quality Culture Assessment

Compliance Architects® ...

@Norm Howe thank you.

John Cachat

@John Cachat
I tell you must this link is really helpful for me.

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Lindsay Pietenpol
For a successful career in quality, you must have a fundamental understanding of industry tools and techniques so you can grow professionally and add value to your organization. How do you stay current on emerging technologies and tools?