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Recent Discussions

Lindsay Pietenpol
While the COVID-19 pandemic may have presented some particularly unique challenges, it is always difficult to lead through any kind of disruption. What can leaders do to help their teams through turbulent times? What should they be focused on? What makes a good leader?
William McCabe
I would like to hear how others change management process deal with forms of listed items that frequently change. There's got to be a better way than just revise the form each time the list changes; e.g., Form 123 (revision 12,345)!
Margaret Barding
Hi, I have a hard time finding any info about section meetings in my area. If anyone is in the LaGrange area of Georgia, please let me know if any section meetings are within about an hour. Thanks!

Same here, Margaret. I just relocated to the area and am unable to make contact here in Columbus, GA.

I was part of the Auburn/Opelika Section which unfortunately was dissolved approx 5 years ago
David Hinds
To understand a service or administrative process, which is better ... the traditional Value Stream Map ... or ... the combination of a flowchart and a Gantt chart? What are your thoughts? "Rethinking Lean in Service Industries": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UFYZGeLa_w
Jake Enger
We have a part that we need for an assembly ( small 10-24 flat head screw) which comes from old drawing (originated in 1969, last revised in 1996). This item does have a NSN attached to it when you do a google search (PN 819760-2, NSN# 5305-00-969-2402). Since the NSN is a catalogue, itself, is the part considered a COTS Item. It can be procured from multiple ...