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Recent Discussions

Trish Borzon
Hi everyone - So, its November - #WorldQualityMonth  .  We have some fun ways for you to celebrate.  But sure to take the Quality Tool Quiz  and let me know your results.  I'm a Pareto...But when I took it the first time, I was a Fishbone diagram.  :D   What are you? 
I am a Fishbone Diagram!  (That was fun!)
Fishbone  Diagram. 🐟
Trish Borzon
Hi Everyone!  We have another fun little game for you.  What's your Quality Superhero name?  Mine is Captain Brainstorm Bandit!  lol - I have lots of ideas!!!   Reply with your name. 
Hi Trish:

I am the "The Flying TQM Thunder"

Enjoyed your idea,

Have a nice day,

Roberto Tahan ‍ - Thanks for playing!  :D 
David Siyluy
Hi, all.  My name is David Isaac Siyluy, and I am new to quality (actually, I got my bachelor's degree for biomedical engineering back in 2017).  I do quality for medical device companies; I previously worked as a compliance coordinator for a cosmetics company that had FDA Class I approval, dispositioning nonconforming materials and running Material ...
It might be worthwhile looking at the ASQ CQE body of knowledge to identify areas you might be interested in ...
Dean Applegreen
How To become AISC Certified The purpose of this encyclopedia is to confirm to your team there is a way to either beat the competition with better, faster and cheaper deliveries or to work together towards a better employee community of low-turn over, the design team, the process managers, and the next new leaders in training, those who adhere to the ...
Melissa Watkins
Hello everyone, I have been working in food & pharma in roles of manufacturing manager, quality engineer and quality manager for 18 years.  I am finally ready to pursue my Master's degree and am seeking your recommendations for online programs.  I got my Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering in 2003. I am aware of the Quality Management MS program ...