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Recent Discussions

Hadrien Tournier
Hi Everyone, ASQ is developing a brand new CMQ/OE e-learning course and is looking for SMEs to participate in the project. How can we ensure we develop the very best course for it? By working with YOU, the experts. Paid review work starting late July and until the first few days of September, based on your availabilities and expertise. Requirements for ...
Marian Hendrickson
Hello everyone, Have you conducted or participated in a ZLA? If so, please share your process, challenges, etc. Did you achieve your end goal? am currently conducting a ZLA and the formal training I've had did not include the specific challenges I'm seeing now. ZLA's will differ, but I'm also noticing that it is not a frequently used tool. Please share ...
Amy Gerdich
Is anyone willing to tell me what their requirements are for the number of Black Belts, Green Belts, Yellow Belts, etc are for their company Continuous Improvement Programs? I am attempting to establish guidance for our sites and departments and would love some ideas.
Hi Amy Gerdich ‍ - of course it's going to depend on how large your company is. I'll tag a couple of our members to give ...
Years ago the rule of thumb was one black belt for every 100 employees and five green belts for each black belt. At ...
Tricia Stokes
Hello Everyone, Looking for help with incorporating the IEC 80079-34 into ISO 9001:2015 internal procedures, or is it better to create a separate document? Thank you in advance!
Its good to incorporate IEC 80079-34 applicable clauses into your organisations ISO 9001-2015 internal ...
Thank you for your response.
Paula Fritsch
Hello, I'm inquiring on the following questions as I disagree with the answer key: Section 2: question 7: Which of following is normal behavior during storming stage of team growth? a. arguing between members even when they agree on real issue: correct answer in book b. ability to prevent or work through group problems c. discussions of symptoms or ...
For the first question a) is Storming, b) is Performing, c) is Forming and d) is Norming.

For the second question it ...
Q1: Think about "storming". It's about clashing and fighting to get ones point across. None of the other answers ...