2020 Kitchener Section Leadership Team

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The table below describes the positions, names, contact information, and responsibilities of the Kitchener section 405 leadership team for 2020.  It is intended to aid our membership in contacting the right chairperson to meet their particular aims and needs.  Please give the table below a viewing and let us know if you are interested in supporting any leadership position that is presently open or vacant.  Thanks in advance for your interest.

                       Kitchener Section 405 - 2020 Leadership Team

   Position        Name     Contact Email Responsibilities
Elected or in Transition of Elected
Chair Jen Taylor JTaylor@sections.asq.org Overall management and leadership of the section. Point-person for community liaison and community involvement. 
Chair Elect NA   Assists Chair in section management and leads special projects.
Past Chair Ken Myers kmyers@sections.asq.org Assists section leadership with new team transition and development.
Secretary Zahid Hussain ZHussain@sections.asq.org Records section meetings, business, and special leadership activities.
Treasurer Emmanuel Obadinma eobadinma@alloycasting.com Manages and administers section funds and reports financials to headquarters.
Appointed Positions
Program Chair Rashid Hussain iso.consultants@yahoo.ca Organizes the program of events for general meetings, and works with speakers.
Arrangements Chair Amaan Ghole amaanghole@gmail.com Coordinates the facilities supporting section meetings and training activities.
Nominating Chair Steve Woodall SWoodall@sections.asq.org Alerts membership of openings on the leadership team and coordinates new members into both the elected and appointed positions for the section.
Membership Chair John Krizmanic JKrizmanic@sections.asq.org Manages membership monitoring, assessment, coordination, and reporting to the leadership team and ASQ headquarters.
Education Chair Aleksandra Lakic aLakic@sections.asq.org Prepares and executes the section training plan, and general liaison with education communities outside of the section.
Auditing Chair Danial Rooyani DRooyani@sections.asq.org Functions as an independent reviewer of the financial plan and financial report.  Leads in conducting the quarterly section financial audits per ASQ policy. 
Web Master / Owner Gurjinder Jammu GJammu@sections.asq.org Key person responsible for the section website, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.  Maintains, updates, modifies all social web engagements structures for the section. 
Student ASQ Coordinator NA   Key student liaison between the education community and the section.  Works with section to organize and conduct section sanctioned activities on a given school campus. 


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