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Lean and Six Sigma Conference Highlights:
  • We hope we were able to see you at the Lean and Six Sigma Conference in February. We had a great time networking and hosting our inaugural Escape Room challenge! Congratulations to Team 7 Sigma for winning and completing the Escape Room in record time: 29 minutes!

  • Congratulations to our Six Sigma Handbook Winners! They will be mailed to you in the upcoming weeks. 
    • Yellow Belt: Hector Celis and Robert Mitchell
    • Green Belt: Jennifer Munson and Amanda Johnson
    • Black Belt: Sue Skrzypczak and Nalini Ambrose
    • Master Black Belt: Rebecca Simmons and Andre Mulyono 

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Scott Sterbenz
Join John Noguera, one of our expert members, for our next webinar on June 18 at noon EST. To register, click HERE .
Scott Sterbenz Mar '21

John Noguera is Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of SigmaXL, Inc., a leading provider ...
Scott Sterbenz
The Six Sigma Forum was delighted to present the 2021 Six Sigma Forum Award to Dr. James Bossert at the 2021 Lean & Six ...
Scott Sterbenz Mar '21
Scott Sterbenz
Thanks to everyone who attended our webinar, and also special thanks to our presenter Kevin Keller. You can view a ...
Scott Sterbenz Feb '21
Scott Sterbenz
The Six Sigma Forum and The Statistics Division recently hosted a webinar highlighting the Multiple Linear ...
Scott Sterbenz Feb '21
Ali Negahi Shirazi
Hello everyone,  I am Ali Negahi Shirazi, a Biomaterials Scientist and a CSSGB, and MBA candidate. Being new to ...
Have you joined the local Chicago section too?
Hi Mary, 
Yes, I did. but the local Chicago section is not very active. 
Scott Sterbenz
From the Six Sigma Forum Chair: Greetings from my home office, as the COVID-19 situation has kept me away from my ...
Scott Sterbenz Sep '20
Hi Scott, good information.  I am giving an webinar for the Stat Division on Oct 16 on Continuous MSA studies.  I ...
Jameson Marriott
I am preparing for the CSSBB exam and I am confused about attribute process capability.  Section V.F.4 of the CSSBB ...
Hi, Jameson.  The correct way is to take the DPMO and use that to convert to a Z-score.  Then divide the Z-score by 3 to ...
Joseph Basala
I am interested in hearing from anyone who has started using Minitab's Workspace program (or companion).  I am ...
Joseph Basala Jul '20
Scott Sterbenz
Thank you to Bruce Barth for hosting a webinar on Strategic Problem Solving.  We had 545 participants, and the ...
Scott Sterbenz Jul '20
Scott Sterbenz
The Six Sigma Forum Award for the Advancement of Six Sigma recognizes outstanding achievements, efforts and ...
Scott Sterbenz Jun '20

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  • Chi-Square Goodness of Fit Test I found a great video at Khan Academy on how to perform a Chi-Square Goodness of Fit test.  What's great about Khan Academy is that they explain the concept, show an example, and the provide a short quiz to test your understanding.  I use ...
    Date Created: 10/20/2019 08:40 AM
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