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 The 2021 Cincinnati Section Leadership Committee:
  • Section Chair:  Chris Vandegrift
  •  Vice Chair:  Molissa Herman
  •  Treasurer:  Marnie Ham
  •  Secretary:  Cheri Moore
  •  Audit Chair:  Michael Beyer
  •  Nominating Chair:  Rajesh Sharma
  • Membership Chair:  Ted Allen
  • Education Chair:  Linda Cassidy
  • Communication Chair:  Kurt Knueven
  • Programs Chair:  Deborah Coviello

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Therese Steiner
The Cincinnati Section has historically been a very active Section, providing programs, and resources to ASQ ...
Therese Steiner Jan '20
Marnie Ham Marnie Ham Jan '20
I am interested! What can I do to help?
Awesome - glad to hear Marnie!  Thanks for the phone call this morning as well.  I have you in the list for 2020 ...

I am willing and able to do what is necessary to help revive the Cincinnati section. I responded your email ...
Hi Therese,

I am new to ASQ, but would like to assist in any way possible to continue to sustain the Cincinnati ...
Great to hear from you all!   I’ve seen emails from about 20 members so far as well so it certainly sounds like we will ...
I'm available the week of Feb 3 & 10th to meet.
I'm interested in possibly the Newsletter role.
Eager to learn more.
Hi Deb - I'll email you some details to connect 1:1!
I'm definitely interested in helping out and becoming part of the team, but I'm wary of committing to something ...
Linda Cassidy
For more information, see this link https://advarra.applicantpool. com/jobs/564291.html?utm_ ...
Linda Cassidy Jun '21
Chris Vandegrift
We've had some recent interest within our Section related to acquiring a mentor. I'm sure some people might even ...
Marnie Ham
Hi All,  I want to make sure we get a section meeting going, while we are still getting organized. I want to make sure ...
Marnie Ham Mar '20
Hi - I did a very good webinar on Reflective Leadership and presented it for the HD&L community and had positive ...
Hi -
Reflective Leadership and Peace of Mind are both great topics. I'm interested to see how you presented those ...
Marnie Ham Marnie Ham Mar '20
This sounds great!
How soon would you being willing to do this?

Matthew Caskey
Looking for some feedback / thought on Shewhart charting different measurement systems. Which one would be best ...
Molissa Herman
The Cincinnati Section Professional Development Committee are looking for volunteers to be mentors and for ...
Molissa Herman Feb '21
Thanks, Molissa. Please put me down as either a mentor or mentee.
Great, thank you!
More specifically, I am looking to pivot my career towards software (Software Quality Engineer, specifically in ...
Any conflict of interest with J&J and your current employer? I ask because I know they have a strong program and ...
I would potentially be interested in a mentor. Having moved from process engineering to quality engineering, I ...
Thank you. We will put you on the list to engage when we get the program rolling.
Chris Vandegrift
Hello Cincinnati ASQ Members!   We thank you for your patience while we establish the new Member Leadership ...
Michael Beyer
ASQ Cincinnati sponsors a scholarship to award financial assistance to current High School Seniors, College ...
Michael Beyer Mar '21
Rajesh Sharma
ASQ Cincinnati sponsors a scholarship to award financial assistance to current High School Seniors, College ...
Rajesh Sharma Apr '20

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