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COVID-19 requirements for face-to-face meetings have changed. We are working on new venues for these meetings. Please stay tuned for updates and watch our calendar below for events in 2022 and 2023.

First Half of 2022 Calendar Second Half of 2022 Calendar
January - SGC Annual Meeting July & August Summer Break
February - Division Presentation (Cancelled) September - Agile Development and Lean Transformation, a Practical Guide
March - Leading through Transformational Times October - The Future of Work: Automation and Employee Engagement for 
April - Developing Leaders for Continuous Improvement Organizations Modern Organizations
May - Quality 4.0 November - Lean                            
June - Supplier Relationship Management During the Time of Uncertainty December - Roundtable

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At Central Plateau Cleanup Company (CPCCo), located in Richland, Washington, we are working to provide a ...
Greg Sinn Nov '21
Michael Kovacs
Hello, Where do we find or how do we receive meeting credits for section meeting attendance?
Michael Kovacs Jan '22
Greg Sinn
Hi All, I wanted to start a discussion on a topic that I am working on professionally. I am interested in improving ...
Greg Sinn Mar '21
Eric Jennings
(Do you know) How many different fields our members serve in, around the Puget Sound area?"
Eric Jennings Apr '21

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We at the Seattle Geographical Community are leading the way to provide you a variety of webinars during this Global pandemic. Once we are back to normal, we will stretch our reach to all areas in the Seattle area to provide web based as well as in person presentations. We look forward to serving you and our community.

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