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I am so glad that 2020 is over, aren’t you! As your Chair for 2021 I am looking forward to the growth of SRTC’s involvement in ASQ’s future.  We have an excellent team of leaders who will be working hard with me to provide our community with the latest technical information and trends in the world of Social Responsibility (SR). Chaitanya Beliga is our ... more
Posted by Richard Gould on Social Responsibility Technical Community Jan 21, 2021 1:55 PM CST
Social Responsibility will probably redefine itself in the Covid-19 era. It may need to!  Individuals and corporate social responsibility, are coming in terms to deliver value to integrate environmental, social and governance issues. Until now it’s been a mashup of philanthropy, employee engagement, renewable energy programs and investor ... more
Posted by Chaitanya Baliga on Social Responsibility Technical Community May 2, 2020 11:17 AM CDT

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Stephen Small Mar '20
Yes please do connect.
Chair SRTC
ISO 26000 is defined as the international standard developed to help organizations effectively assess and ...
Hello Girish

How would you change your audit plan to reflect this new understanding of social responsibility ...
Hi Ruth
The audit plan is presented in two steps, remote and onsite audit.
The remote audit plan is focused on ...
Jennifer Stepniowski
A special thank you to everyone that stopped by our booth at WCQI this year. It was a great opportunity for us to say ...
Jennifer Stepniowski
We're interested to know what the local ASQ groups and the other divisions are doing with Social Responsibility! ...
I was excited to see that my local group in Denver (ASQ 1300) hosted another SR event this month for the 2nd quarter. ...

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ASQ’s mission is “to increase the use and impact of quality in response to the diverse needs of the world.” Increasingly, accountability and social responsibility are the expectation of consumers around the globe. The results of ASQ’s 2011 Future Study illustrates that the importance of social responsibility is well understood by executives across sectors. To help meet the emerging needs for a sophisticated SR approach, ASQ is committed to delivering the following:

  • Providing a contemporary view and understanding of quality
  • Identifying new career paths for quality professionals
  • Providing methodology to enhance SR professionals’ efforts
  • Growing the community of quality stakeholders through SR practitioners.