Welcome to the Saskatchewan Section 0414 my ASQ community. Our community is located in the heart of beautiful Canada. We have diverse group of professionals from a wide variety of industries. Our section offers its members a great chance to network with others in the quality profession, opportunities for professional development, share ideas with members and learn from each other. Our goal is to promote and advance the quality concepts though awareness, education, participation and reliable member services.

Member Leaders for 2021 Year:
Sumith Kahanda - Chair, & Member Chair
Greta Kort - Secretary
Zoher Rafid-Hamed - Treasurer
Jay Kalra - Vice President
Shannon Allan - Past Chair
Ronald Warner - Auditing Chair
Gary Gehring - DRD and Nominating Chair
Pious George - Program Chair
Lily Wiebe - Student Liaison

We encourage members to get involved with Section activities. If you are interested in becoming a member leader or volunteer, you can put forth interest to the nominations chair for selection in the fall.

Contact: skahanda@memberleader.asq.org


Enclosed PDF document has updates shared with our members in April 2021. Our member leaders are working hard to bring you more values and enhance your experience with us. Please visit myASQ Saskatchewan Site for regular updates from your leader team. If you have any questions, please contact skahanda@memberleader.asq.org. Thanks for your ... more
Posted by Sumith Kahanda on Saskatchewan Section Apr 11, 2021 1:55 PM CDT
ASQ Component Relations are offering following New Member Leader training and development sessions this year. ASQ Saskatchewan Section encourage current and future member leaders to take these trainings: 1. Strategic Planning 2. Completing the Section Business Plan & Budget 3. Improve Strategic Plan Development 4. Member Engagement 5. Member ... more
Posted by Sumith Kahanda on Saskatchewan Section Apr 2, 2021 11:02 AM CDT
The ASQ Montreal Section is hosting the virtual 2021 ASQ Canada Quality Conference (lead by the Montreal Section) on the 4 th and 5th October 2021. Montreal Section is calling for people working in the quality field to submit proposals to present at the conference in either French or English. Also, Montreal Section is looking for volunteers to support ... more
Posted by Sumith Kahanda on Saskatchewan Section Mar 28, 2021 1:57 PM CDT

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Community Information
ASQ Saskatchewan Section 0414 represents ASQ members in all of Saskatchewan, Canada. ASQ Saskatchewan was founded as a Subsection of ASQ in late 1993, and became a full Section on July 1, 1996. Diverse group of professionals in the field of quality as well as students is the strength and the driver of our Section which focuses on member value enhancement, providing networking & professional development opportunities, giving back to the community and learning from each other. 

Saskatchewan, SK, Canada

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