The Central California Section 0626 has been serving members and professionals in and surrounding Fresno, CA for almost 30 years. Our territory extends from Modesto to Bakersfield.  The section holds quarterly meetings in its efforts to promote community, networking, and professional development opportunities.​

After a hard 2021, we are excited to let you know our new Section Leadership Committee (below).

As we prepare for this year, we want to let you know that in-person meetings may resume in the near future.  Mean while, we will prepare for some on-line presentations and will work for in-person/networking events as soon as it is allowed by local, state, and national authorities.

Your 2021 Section Leadership Committee (SLC).

·       Section chair – John Senior
·       Secretary – Pabbie John Perez
·       Treasure – Rangel Melendez
·       Membership Chair – Nicole Allen
·       Nominating Chair – John Benight
·       Auditing Chair - Richard Torres

We are all excited to start the new year and plan events as well as strengthen the SLC to bring higher values to our membership.

If you are interested in participating, please contact us and let us know your level of participation you can provide to help the section continue its mission.  You can also visit www.asq626.org 

Upcoming Events

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Please share an items you would like us to discuss at the next meeting.
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What will you take away from today's Lunch and Learn?
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This past December 2022 we had the pleasure to honor our longtime member and supporter “Quality” Sam Sit (Sr. ...
John Senior
Do you plan on attending?
John Senior Jul '21

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Our mission:

To provide resources and an educational forum for ASQ members and interested community members to share and promote quality technology, concepts, and tools, with the purpose of improving ourselves and our organizations for the betterment of society.

We are always welcoming members to volunteer for working with the Section Leadership Committee. Our goal is to have sufficient members volunteers to organize events and activities of value to the rest of our members.

Mostly in Fresno, California, covering all Central Valley., Fresno, CA 93721, United States

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