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  • Healthcare Holidays And Observances
     Have some fun with this and recognize your healthcare associates! Thank you for all that you do!! July Monthly Holidays:  (Sorted Alphabetically) Alopecia Month for Women  Cord Blood Awareness Month Eye Injury Prevention Month Fragile X Awareness Month - Entire Month of July Hemochromatosis Screening Awareness Month Herbal / Prescription ... more
  • Welcome from the Chair
    Welcome to the MyASQ community! There are many different sectors that can be considered part of or associated with the "Healthcare" Industry: Direct patient care, Diagnostics, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Device, Insurance, Surveillance, Compliance, Regulatory & Accreditation, etc.. Regardless of your profession we all have one thing in common - ... more

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Deborah Meeks
How are critical values (example: lab tests) reported at your facility/practice.

1. Who is notified of critical ...
Deborah Meeks
Please let us know your:
  • Topics of interest
  • Biggest challenges
  • Process-related issues
  • If you have a story to ...
Deborah Meeks Jun '20
Grace Duffy
The ASQ joint Healthcare and Quality Management Division Healthcare Quality and Improvement Committee (HQIC) ...
Grace Duffy Jun '20
Susan Peiffer
Hello fellow Healthcare Division members and interested persons. As some health care facilities start resuming ...
Susan Peiffer Jun '20
Great topic Sue!
As with many hospitals – we are also bringing back the elective surgeries – with preop COVID ...
Eileen Chase
Hello -
I am trying to find health care specific rates on job turnover. My searches result in general turnover rates ...
Eileen Chase May '20
Hi Eileen,
I found a report issued by NSI that may provide some additional information.
Thanks Deborah, I will check this out.
Deborah Meeks
Since we are Healthcare we almost have to talk about this topic! For those in Healthcare - I am sure you have been ...
Deborah Meeks May '20
Thanks for opening this. I would like to offer a few more seeds for discussion. These may be of interest to other ASQ ...
Great questions Dan...looking forward to the discussions!
Great discussion - this topic has consumed my life for sure.  A colleague's significant other works in wastewater ...
Liked the video - thanks for sharing. I understand the sampling and PCR - not quite sure how they determine the ...
Great question, there are so many expected consequences  of course in terms of supplies and staffing. 

In terms of ...
Susan Peiffer
Welcome to the Healthcare Community on myASQ! As you sign up, please tell us a little about yourself - what you do ...
Susan Peiffer Apr '20
Hi all, my name is Rowena aka Chona. Glad to be part of the Health Care Division. I work as a director for performance ...
I’ve been an ASQ member since 1984, and a Fellow since 2004. I joined the ASQ Healthcare Division around 2006. I have ...
I am Grace Duffy. I co-chair the joint QMD/HCD Healthcare and Quality Improvement committee with Pierce Story. ...
Hi all,

My name is Debbie Meeks and the current Healthcare Division Chair. I am a Senior member of ASQ and have held ...
Hello! My name is Jessica Tracy and I am a Senior Quality Analyst at a clinical genetics laboratory based in ...
I am Luigi Sille, Quality Manager of the Curaçao Red Cross Blood Bank Foundation. I'm from Curaçao.  
Working in ...
I am an ASQ Fellow, past Chair of the ASQ Board of Directors, Past Chair of the Healthcare Division, Chair of the ...
Amazing how much time COVID care, planning, and all of the reporting takes, isn't it? Thanks for sharing a little ...
Thanks for sharing a little about you, Dan! I have known you all this time and did not know you worked at IBM first.
Thanks for sharing how you serve the HCD and a little about yourself! Great work from those committees.

Latest Resources

  • Raising the Bar

    HBOK 1-200

    Title Raising the Bar
    Author(s) A.V. Feigenbaum
    Source Quality Progress
    Topic Strategic Planning Process

    Strategic Management

    Qualities of Customer-Focused Organizations


    Date Created: 05/08/2020 12:22 PM
  • Raising the Bar

    HBOK 1-199

    Title Raising the Bar
    Author(s) A.V. Feigenbaum
    Source Quality Progress
    Topic Performance Improvement
    Abstract Companies seeking to expand their global reach face a dual challenge created by ...

    Date Created: 05/08/2020 12:20 PM
  • Gimme Five: Count on the 5S Improvement Method in the Lab

    HBOK 1-198

    Title Gimme Five: Count on the 5S Improvement Method in the Lab
    Author(s) Ray Harkins
    Source Quality Progress
    Topic Performance Improvement

    Work Process Design (including environments of care)


    Date Created: 05/08/2020 12:19 PM
  • Community Health Network Reduces Deadly Infections Through Culture of Reliability

    HBOK 1-197

    Title Community Health Network Reduces Deadly Infections Through Culture of Reliability
    Author(s) Janet Jacobsen
    Source ASQ
    Topic Risk Management

    Performance Improvement

    Work Process ...

    Date Created: 05/08/2020 12:18 PM

Community Information

The Healthcare Division of ASQ strives to engage stakeholders at all levels in improving the efficiency and efficacy of a global healthcare system utilizing a customer focused systems approach by encouraging research, innovation, and the formation of learning partnerships to advance knowledge of healthcare quality.

We encourage research, innovation, and the formation of learning partnerships to advance knowledge of healthcare quality.