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The Healthcare Division of ASQ strives to engage stakeholders at all levels in improving the efficiency and efficacy of a global healthcare system utilizing a customer focused approach encouraging research, innovation, and the formation to advance knowledge of healthcare quality.

Our Mission:
We promote application of quality concepts and tools among healthcare division's members, their organizations and the global community for the advancement of excellence in patient-centered and cost-effective healthcare services.​
Our Vision:
ASQ HCD and its partners will add value to members and the global healthcare communities by providing the best resources in healthcare quality.​

The Healthcare Leadership Team is here to serve you and we hope to see you around the communi


In getting ready for the upcoming WCQI, we wanted to make sure all our Health Care Quality Leaders had access to all the monographs . Therefore, I am attaching all four monographs to this post . more
Posted by George Krempel on Healthcare Division May 1, 2022 4:00 PM CDT
Monograph #4 - "Implementing The Healthcare Quality Management System" is now available . more
Posted by George Krempel on Healthcare Division Mar 17, 2022 11:41 AM CDT
ASQ Section 1212 thought it might be a good topic to discuss how the pandemic has affected quality in healthcare. As care has been rationed and treatments on the more experimental end have been used on COVID patients, how has this affected the overall standard of care, or has it at all? Would anyone at the Healthcare Division like to present on this topic ( ... more
Posted by George Krempel on Healthcare Division Mar 10, 2022 7:15 PM CST

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I am Grace Duffy. I co-chair the joint QMD/HCD Healthcare and Quality Improvement committee with Pierce Story. ...
Hi all,

My name is Debbie Meeks and the current Healthcare Division Chair. I am a Senior member of ASQ and have held ...
Hello! My name is Jessica Tracy and I am a Senior Quality Analyst at a clinical genetics laboratory based in ...
I am Luigi Sille, Quality Manager of the Curaçao Red Cross Blood Bank Foundation. I'm from Curaçao.  
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Amazing how much time COVID care, planning, and all of the reporting takes, isn't it? Thanks for sharing a little ...
Thanks for sharing a little about you, Dan! I have known you all this time and did not know you worked at IBM first.
Thanks for sharing how you serve the HCD and a little about yourself! Great work from those committees.
Deborah Meeks
Thank you to all those that attending our first ever Town Hall meeting. More information about the meeting will be ...
Deborah Meeks Oct '21
Deborah Meeks
You won't find the word "Systemness" in the dictionary but it's been around for a couple of years...just google it! ...
Deborah Meeks Feb '21
Glenn Findling
Hello Community, I am looking for a new book to listen to on Audible. What are the must "read" books for Healthcare ...
Glenn Findling Oct '20
Hi Rob,

That is a great question...I hope we get some responses because I'd be interested also.

I always have time to ...
Hi Rob, 

Here are a few that I've read that are applicable to healthcare/training: 
  • The Checklist Manifesto ...
Thanks Anne! I just checked and these all have an audio option and they look like great books!

James Bossert
Hello fellow members, I am giving a webinar on Oct 16 at 10AM central time on Continuous MSA. Here is the link: ...
James Bossert Sep '20
Rowena Chona Sano
HCD will be hosting a booth at the WCQI in person! Do come by and chat with us! We are also looking for volunteers to ...
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The ASQ joint Healthcare and Quality Management Division Healthcare Quality and Improvement Committee (HQIC) ...
Grace Duffy Jun '20
Deborah Meeks
Since we are Healthcare we almost have to talk about this topic! For those in Healthcare - I am sure you have been ...
Deborah Meeks May '20
Thanks for opening this. I would like to offer a few more seeds for discussion. These may be of interest to other ASQ ...
Great questions Dan...looking forward to the discussions!
Great discussion - this topic has consumed my life for sure.  A colleague's significant other works in wastewater ...
Liked the video - thanks for sharing. I understand the sampling and PCR - not quite sure how they determine the ...
Great question, there are so many expected consequences  of course in terms of supplies and staffing. 

In terms of ...
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Hi Scott,

When I used to work within the hospital - I would hear pages to please send tube system carriers to X ...

Hi Deborah,

Sorry for the tardy response and thank you for getting back to me with your experience. Please let me ...

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Hello All. As we are starting to see more supply with vaccines, can anyone share some lessons learned or tips with ...
Margot Wilson Mar '21

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The Healthcare Division of ASQ strives to engage stakeholders at all levels in improving the efficiency and efficacy of a global healthcare system utilizing a customer focused approach encouraging research, innovation, and the formation to advance knowledge of healthcare quality.

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