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31517f1709103cfff3ecf1aeb6d80e8d-huge-liWelcome aboard to the new myASQ Community site for the Lean Enterprise Division (LED)!  This will be an interactive site is focused on advancing LEAN knowledge. Here we will be providing discussion forums, webinars, and an opportunity to build your network! If you have any questions, feel free to create your own discussion or jump into some of the ones that are already started.
Please introduce yourself in the introduction discussion board and get to know some of your fellow LED members! (Discussion board Link).  Our LED hosted webinar are monthly.  You can find more information in our events portion of our community!
Again, welcome to the myASQ LED Community. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to reach out.


You can find the latest March 2021 edition of our LED e-Zine in the file Folder at 2021 Volume 5 Issue 1 e-Zine In this edition of the e-Zine, we are pleased to offer two articles, a case study, a book review, as well as our regular interview column by David Behling. The first article, “Getting the Snowball Rolling: An Entrenched System that Found a Path ... more
Posted by David Harry on Lean Enterprise Division Mar 15, 2021 12:16 PM CDT
Dr. Watson is an industrial engineer who has been elected an Honorary Member of 20 quality related organizations, including both ASQ and the International Academy for Quality. He is the former Chair of both organizations. He has received numerous prestigious awards from ASQ global partners and is one of the best-known quality professionals in the ... more
Posted by David Harry on Lean Enterprise Division Mar 15, 2021 10:39 AM CDT
I was honored to be introduced in the myASQ Member Spotlight feature for January and to share my thoughts, experience and passion for ASQ and the quality profession.  Please join in promoting myASQ and share your quality journey with our members here on myASQ.  Thanks Trish Borzon for this opportunity. Read more about my Quality Journey here more
Posted by David Harry on Lean Enterprise Division Jan 7, 2021 10:54 PM CST

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Frank Murdock
For those who attended the virtual 2021 Lean & Six Sigma Conference, which were your most favorite presentations ...
I just watched another gem: "Digital Disruption! an Enabler for Virtual Gemba Walk of a Microbiology Laboratory" ...
Lori Cook
I'm trying to find information and registration for Dr. Watson's LED webinar series starting March 25 but have not ...
Lori Cook Mar '21
Hi, me too.

Dr. Watson just announced the LED webinars program ,at the end of webinar at the QMD,. The program ...
Lori - You may have seen this email from LED. The link toregister for Dr. Watson’s March 25th webinar is down the ...
Try this link


Frank Murdock
We at the Lean Enterprise Division are looking for input and ideas on the following: What is Lean 4.0? The ...
Frank Murdock Feb '21
Gregory Stewart
I am back in ASQ after being away for a time.  What does ASQ Division membership mean in this new paradigm where ASQ ...
Gregory Stewart Dec '20
Many of the policies have changed over the last 3 years.  As a member, more of ASQ's offerings have been shifted to be ...
Daniel Zrymiak
Thank you for convening an insightful and informative Annual Meeting for LED. I asked about who was serving as the ...
Daniel Zrymiak Nov '20
Hello David Harry ‍ 

You will be pleased to know that I routed the discussion to myASQ.  That will enable ...
Hi Daniel,

Thanks so much for your engagement in today's meeting. 

As I stated in the Annual Meeting, the Treasurer ...
Hi Lindsay Lapatinsky ‍ 

Your description of the roles qualifies as "other fiscal officer", and for ASQ, who is to ...
Hank Czarnecki
Hank Czarnecki Sep '20
Daniel Zrymiak
I am a member of the Lean Enterprise Division, and would like to contribute.   If our technical community is in need ...
Daniel Zrymiak Sep '20
Thanks Dan, I will forward to Ellen Ermer ‍ .  FYI, Ellen is friends with you on myASQ.
Appreciate the post.
If ...
HI David Harry ‍ 

Thank you for your kind support and timely follow up.

Hi Dan,
It will be great to have you contribute to the Division.  You are so knowledgeable and always giving.  ...
Thank you, the LED presentation is completed and now available online.

Frank Murdock
Just saw a very cool webinar hosted by the ASQ East North Central Region (thanks Therese!) on how to remotely engage ...
Frank Murdock May '20
Thank you for posting. I just watched the webinar and have asked our IT department about whiteboard sharing tools ...
Lissette Contreras
Hi All! Looking for feedback from anyone who has developed and implemented a successful Lean Coach Development ...
Hi Lissette Contreras ‍ 

I have not direct experience but I suggest initially to separate Coaching & Lean ...
Hi Lissette,

If you still need further information on this topic please email me to ptorresbeck@gmail.com.  The ...
David Harry
This is a discussion of our ASQ LED eZine Publications.  We welcome your comments and ideas for eZine content. We ...
David Harry Feb '20
You can find the latest February 2020 Special Edition edition of our LED e-Zine in the file Folder at  2020 Volume 4 ...

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The Lean Enterprise Division (LED) is a global network of professionals helping individuals and organizations apply proven and leading edge Lean principles and practices to achieve dramatic results for personal and organizational success.

Our vision is to create a world where everyone, everywhere works together to apply Lean principles and methods to achieve their personal and organizational goals.