Welcome Message from Lindsay Lapatinsky, Chair, Lean Enterprise Division
31517f1709103cfff3ecf1aeb6d80e8d-huge-liWelcome aboard to the new myASQ Community site for the Lean Enterprise Division (LED)!  This will be an interactive site is focused on advancing LEAN knowledge. Here we will be providing discussion forums, webinars, and an opportunity to build your network! If you have any questions, feel free to create your own discussion or jump into some of the ones that are already started.
Please introduce yourself in the introduction discussion board and get to know some of your fellow LED members! (Discussion board Link).  Our LED hosted webinar are monthly.  You can find more information in our events portion of our community!
Again, welcome to the myASQ LED Community. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to reach out.


  • ASQ LED 2020-2021 Election Results
    Congratulations to ASQ Lean Enterprise Division's  New Chair-Elect and Secretary Please join us in congratulating Nick Vyas, LED chair elect, and Lissette Contreras, continuing as LED secretary! For this election, there was only one member nominated for each elected position, therefore Mr. Vyas and Ms. Contreras are declared elected by ... more
  • ASQ LED May 2020 Webinar (on Wednesday, 13 May)
    Most of us are hard at work helping our organizations improve one project at a time. Sometimes big projects, sometimes small, and it seems as if there is no end to them. Are you overburdened and can’t see how this all can come together without everyone relying on your quality organization? Then listen in! Scaling Change discusses a way for you to reduce ... more
  • Congratulations To Michael Waterman - Winner Of ASQ LED Wayne Paupst Award For 2019
    Michael Waterman has been selected to receive the 2019 Wayne Paupst Memorial Award for his article “Interviewing Lean/Sigma Candidates: The Practical Exam,” which was published in the September 2018 edition of Perspective, A Lean Enterprise Division e-Zine.  Wayne Paupst served as Chair of the Lean Enterprise Division from 2008 to 2009 and passed ... more

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06/10/2020 12:00pm CDT

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Frank Murdock 622
Just saw a very cool webinar hosted by the ASQ East North Central Region (thanks Therese!) on how to remotely engage ...
Lissette Contreras 3109
Hi All! Looking for feedback from anyone who has developed and implemented a successful Lean Coach Development ...
    Hi Lissette Contreras ‍ 

    I have not direct experience but I suggest initially to separate Coaching & Lean ...
    David Harry 709
    This is a discussion of our ASQ LED eZine Publications.  We welcome your comments and ideas for eZine content.
    We ...
    David Harry Feb '20
    You can find the latest February 2020 Special Edition edition of our LED e-Zine in the file Folder at  2020 Volume 4 ...
    William Hoddy 4808
    Hello.  I am on the planning committee for the next CAT Dealership Continuous Improvement conference which is ...
    William Hoddy Jan '20
    Hank Czarnecki 3094
    If you had to recommend LEAN books, what would you suggest for a Beginning, Moderate and Advanced Practitioner?? ...
    Hank Czarnecki Nov '19
    My favorite LEAN book of the last few years was Art Smalley's Four Types of Problems (came out in 2018), I wrote a ...
    Who am I? Jose Luis Ruiz G. LSSBB.

    What do I do? I work for a LINCRECE consultancy, to Pharmaceutical sector, Food and ...
    My two favorite Lean  books are:
    1- The Toyota Way: 14 Management Principles from the World's Greatest ...
    The Lean Enterprise Division E-Zine is a great place to start, of course! 

    Thanks Dave for the book ...
    Here are my initial thoughts:
    Beginning Practitioner
    "What is Lean Six Sigma" by Mike George, Dave Rowlands & Bill ...
    Lindsay Lapatinsky 3110
    1 13
    Do you have questions that you're just itching to ask someone? Are you new to the division and/or ASQ & confused ...
    Thanks Lindsay!
    David Harry 709
    Many have asked me How I  Join the myASQ LED Community?
    I have replied to many that there is a 
    Click on "Communities" ...
    David Harry Oct '19
    David Harry 709
    Link to latest Lean Enterprise Division e-Zine.
    Tell us what you think. What do you like and want to see more of?
    David Harry Sep '19
    David Harry 709
    The subject of "Thought Leadership" came up at our recent LED Strategic Planning Offsite.  We want our LED to be ...
    David Harry Sep '19
    Thanks Kevin,

    One definition states "A thought leader is an individual or firm that is recognized as an authority ...
    Businesses are growing at exponential rates. It is incredibly important that we use the tools that are available ...
    David Harry 709
    There are may ways to start a Lean Journey.  What are the best tips you can share?
    David Harry Sep '19
    Start with why as well as what is in it for them.  For instance, too often Lean is portrayed as financially driven.  ...

    Kevin Hinkle :
    One tip that I can provide is use the language often.

    At home, I talk about improving processes, down ...

    One tip that I can provide is use the language often.

    At home, I talk about improving processes, down to how we clean ...
    Phil Akers high level overview is great! 

    I actually use my iPhone and my iPad for video production, though, I enjoy ...
    One neat video about successfully starting a Lean journey is by Lean enthusiast Paul Akers from 2017.  Some good ...

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    The Lean Enterprise Division (LED) is a global network of professionals helping individuals and organizations apply proven and leading edge Lean principles and practices to achieve dramatic results for personal and organizational success.

    Our vision is to create a world where everyone, everywhere works together to apply Lean principles and methods to achieve their personal and organizational goals.