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As we initiate this site, please check the events, discussion groups, and files list for relevant content.  Older information that was part of our body of knowledge from or previous website will be transferred to this site. however please be patient as this large amount of information is transferred.

We will be sharing new webinars, conterences, and audit discussion here.  Please start a discussion if you have a question or just want to talk quality auditing.

If you would like to see something specific posted or discussed, please reach out to any of the Community Admins.
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Happy Auditing!!


Join the Audit Division for our April webinar - Practical Application of Risk Based Thinking presented by Lance Coleman on Thursday, April 29th from 1 - 2 pm EDT (NY Time Zone). Webinar Details Risk Elimination. Risk Management. Risk Mitigation. Risk Based Thinking. These words are an increasingly important part of the lexicon of executive level ... more
Posted by Kristen Wagner on Audit Division Apr 8, 2021 5:39 PM CDT
March's webinar, Beyond the Sticker and the Certificate (Ensuring Better Measurements and Reducing Risk) presented by Heather Wade is now available. To find the presentation and the link to the recording, please visit Files/Webinars (2021) or go to the link below: https://my.asq.org/communities/files/173/7679 The link to the recording can be ... more
Posted by Kristen Wagner on Audit Division Apr 8, 2021 5:27 PM CDT
Join the Audit Division for our March webinar - Beyond the Sticker and the Certificate (Ensuring Better Measurements and Reducing Risk) on Wednesday, March 24th from 1 - 2 pm EST (NY Time Zone). Webinar Details We encounter measurements in everyday life, starting with the time on our alarm clock, volume of water for our morning coffee or tea, ... more
Posted by Kristen Wagner on Audit Division Mar 5, 2021 2:14 PM CST

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Betty Leonhard
I'm looking for a few real-world examples of how companies meet this 8.5.6 requirement. What changes would this ...
Hi Betty,
At my last job where I worked for a company that designed and built jet engine test systems, we would have 3 ...
Lowellyne James
Scan the QR Code or click on the hyperlink to benchmark your company's Sustainability & CSR performance against ...
Lowellyne James Jan '21
Brian Frye
Our organization is looking for Quality Management Software with Internal and External Auditing ...
Brian Frye Jan '21
Matthew Miller
Good morning, I have been performing internal audits for our company for about 4 years now. Every time I think I know ...
Matthew Miller Dec '20
Oh well, I was hoping a membership with ASQ would help me as our auditor from SAI Global suggested, but I guess not.
Hi Matt, 
First, what did you answer when the auditor asked you why you hadn't audited sub-processes?  I thought ...
Duke Okes Duke Okes Jan '21
Use a risk-based approach to decide what sub-processes to audit and how frequently.

1. Sit down with the process ...
I'm four months in at my current co. And I'm trying to audit every process this year. I've got a list of about 60 of ...
Shawn Varela
I appreciate the time you're taking.  I am currently looking for a lead NQA1 auditor to lead an audit with a first ...
Shawn Varela Aug '20
Kim K Burson
I am trying to determine if audits are required for non-GMP clinical sites in the USA that will perform ...
Kim K Burson Apr '20
Sheronda Jeffries
  Recently I conducted a webinar for the ASQ Audit Division titled “Valid or NOT? – Verifying Management System ...
Christoper Abenes
Hello! Could anyone advise on how to prepare the documented information from transition of OHSAS 18001:2007 to ...
Jeremiah Genest
A big thank you to the Audit Division leadership team and conference committee for the great 2019 conference in ...
Jeremiah Genest Oct '19
Richard Tanner
I am looking for some participation in a Project I am currently developing. I hope this request is appropriate for ...
Richard Tanner Sep '19
I would be willing to help out. Send me the details.
I have now receive all the assistance needed. 

Though it strange how I received more response on the Quality ...

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