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The next ASQ Audit Division Conference will be held October 4th - 9th, 2022 at the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel at the Entrance to Universal Orlando in Orlando, Florida.

Audit Division Leadership
Position Name
Chair Susanne Burke
Chair-Elect George Kiakis
Secretary Susane Gorveatte
Immediate Past Chair/Nominating Chair Billi Jo (BJ) Johnson
Technical Standards Chair John Mascaro
Webinar Chair Angelo Scangas
Publicity Chair Andrew Davison
Social Media Chair Kristen Wagner
Newsletter Editor Olamide (Ola) Okikiolu
Technical Program Chair Glenda West
Social Responsibility Chair Dennis Welch
Quality 4.0 Rep Milt Krivokuca
Arrangements Chair Billi Jo (BJ) Johnson
Treasurer Billi Jo (BJ) Johnson
Education and Training Chair Murray Gonzalez
Membership Chair Siobhan Ashmore
Recertification Chair Jessica Leung
Voice of Customer Chair Santosh Mishra



Join the Audit Division for our January Webinar on Thursday, January 27th from 1 - 2pm EST. Quality in Business Writing: 10 Crushing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them presented by Leslie O'Flahavan Presentation Details: Everyone makes a spelling mistake now and then, and most of us have clicked "send" on an unfinished email. While it's embarrassing to ... more
Posted by Kristen Wagner on Audit Division Dec 21, 2021 6:49 PM CST
The Audit Division's Fall Newsletter Edition is now available and can be found in our Files/Newsletters tab or at the link below. If you are interested in contributing to future editions, please comment below or email our Newsletter Editor, Ola, at olaone01@gmail.com. https://my.asq.org/communities/files/173/9245 more
Posted by Kristen Wagner on Audit Division Dec 8, 2021 4:05 PM CST
December's webinar Adapting to the New Normal - Virtual Business Excellence Assessment presented by Subhrajit Basu is now available. To find the presentation and the link to the recording, please visit Files/Webinars (2021) or go to the link below: https://my.asq.org/communities/files/173/9238 The link to the recording can be found in the ... more
Posted by Kristen Wagner on Audit Division Dec 7, 2021 10:58 AM CST

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Recent Discussions

Rhonda Goss
How are we going to expand knowledge of the Audit Division when only members can access this site?
Rhonda Goss Jun '19
Hi Rhonda,
Thanks for your question.  At this time it is true that only Audit Division Member may access the Audit ...
Kristen Wagner
Hello! The ASQ Audit Division wants to use the MyASQ platform not only to support continuous improvement and ...
Kristen Wagner Aug '21

I will go first -

My name is Kristen Wagner and I am from Minnesota, AKA the Frigid North.

I started my professional ...

Hi there! I'm Susan Gorveatte, President of Gorveatte Consulting Inc. based in Windsor, Ontario, and Halifax, ...

Hello. I work at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility in Newport News, Virginia. We have a small ...

Hi Jacob! Welcome to the community. I think we can all associate with your comment of “wearing many hats". We ...

Betty Leonhard
I'm looking for a few real-world examples of how companies meet this 8.5.6 requirement. What changes would this ...
Betty Leonhard Apr '21
Hi Betty,
At my last job where I worked for a company that designed and built jet engine test systems, we would have 3 ...
That sounds great for 8.3.6 which is design changes.

I'm curious about 8.5.6 which is for production changes.
Good Afternoon Betty,

"The organization shall review and control changes for production or service provision, ...

    The way I approach Change control - be it process of document related, I established a Change Control Form ...

    Hello Betty,
    I'm one of the instructors for our ISO 9001:2015 Requirements from A to Z classes. We have an ...

    Matthew Miller
    Good morning, I have been performing internal audits for our company for about 4 years now. Every time I think I know ...
    Matthew Miller Dec '20
    Oh well, I was hoping a membership with ASQ would help me as our auditor from SAI Global suggested, but I guess not.
    Hi Matt, 
    First, what did you answer when the auditor asked you why you hadn't audited sub-processes?  I thought ...
    Duke Okes Duke Okes Jan '21
    Use a risk-based approach to decide what sub-processes to audit and how frequently.

    1. Sit down with the process ...
    I'm four months in at my current co. And I'm trying to audit every process this year. I've got a list of about 60 of ...

    Matthew, your pose a good question. I dislike the feedback from your auditor a lot. For several reasons. If we go to ...

    Well articulated! Yes Risk based approach is the best way forward. We should not be doing internal audits for audit ...

    You can’t audit your own work. You will have to train a second auditor for that.

    Hi Matthew, it looks like you are getting some traction on your post (I'm thinking in December members were doing ...

    Jessica Leung
    Fall is coming! I know you see it - the return of pumpkin everything in the stores and shops, the halloween ...
    Jessica Leung Sep '21

    Thank you for sharing such an important message about recertification.

    Sheronda Jeffries
      Recently I conducted a webinar for the ASQ Audit Division titled “Valid or NOT? – Verifying Management System ...
    Susan Gorveatte
    I'm interested in hearing everyone's favourite questions to ask while conducting an audit. When I audit Top ...
    Susan Gorveatte Sep '21

    It isn't necessarily asking a question, but during floor audits, I love asking someone to “show me” a task and to ...

    Also, when I am auditing top management I like to ask, "What are the lions, tigers, and bears that are impacting the ...

    Top management is just that. The top. They should have a rearview line of sight to their organization. First, I ...

    Richard Tanner
    I am looking for some participation in a Project I am currently developing. I hope this request is appropriate for ...
    Richard Tanner Sep '19
    I would be willing to help out. Send me the details.
    I have now receive all the assistance needed. 

    Though it strange how I received more response on the Quality ...
    Santosh Mishra
    Hello Dear fellow auditors, I wanted to start a thread on the above topic. When would you decide as an auditor that ...
    Santosh Mishra Aug '21

    I would also add that the Audit adds value to the organization.

    Beat Schlumpf
    In Switzerland,   companies conducting audits use the same auditors for years in the same companies. It is a ...
    Beat Schlumpf Jun '19
    Hi Beat Schlumpf, 

    Subject: Batch Record Review, Deviations and Change Control, CAPA Corrective and ...
    Thank you Saima for your request.
    Unfortunately I have no additional information.

    Beste regards

    Hi Beat,

    In response to your question, I offer the following:

    "ISO makes standards and does not get involved in the ...
    Thank you very much John for your reply.

    You are right, but I would like to point out that the standard that specifies the rules for the work of certifying ...

    Beat Schlumpf :
    In Switzerland,   companies conducting audits use the same auditors for years in the same ...

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