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Dear segment leaders with manufacturing oriented members; Thanks for announcing the Leading Indicators research and survey webinar this evening to your membership. We have had a request for a second presentation of the topic on April 6 th . Please share this announcement with your membership. We are hoping to get a critical mass of survey volunteers ... more
Part I on Auditing contains new content on Data Privacy, Data Integrity Principles, and the Medical Device Single Audit Program (MDSAP). Part II on Medical Device Quality Management System Requirements contains an entirely new Chapter 6, as the subject of “The EU Medical Device Regulation” has replaced “The EU Medical Device Directives.” Chapters ... more
Breaking IVDR/MDR News - today the European Commission published an information Notice to confirm that Notified Bodies may temporarily deviate, in extraordinary and individual cases, from the IVDR/MDR requirement for audits of manufacturers’ quality management systems (QMS) to take place ‘on site.’ This is a significant and positive ... more

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Christine Caruso
- the company I work for creates an x-ray component integrated into a larger medical device. 60601-2-44 applies to ...
Norm Howe
We're looking for someone with De Novo submission experience. If you're interested please contact me.
Norm Howe Mar '21
Lisa Grosskopf
In the summer, the ASQ Biomedical Division was re-named to the ASQ Medical Device Division. This change is ...
Lisa Grosskopf Jan '21
Maria Arciga-Morales
I am wondering if there are any forums on Combination Products. If not, would it be possible creating a Division on ...
Hi Maria!

What a great question!  The Medical Device Division has many members that have worked with combination ...
Hi Lisa!

Thank you for replying to my post. Based on the description of the Healthcare Quality and Improvement ...
Hello again!

This may be the second reply--it appears my earlier message may have gotten lost.

I will reach out to ...
Hello Maria!

I have heard from the Chair of the FD&C Division. He said that some of his members are interested in ...
Hi Lisa,
Sorry for replying until now. I could not find the chain of this conversation. I am still interested on this ...
I think this is fabulous! Would you mind if I gave Tim Parrent (FD&C Chair) your contact info? We will set up a ...
Hi Lisa,
Of course, you may share my contact information. I also accepted the meeting invitation you sent me. I have ...
Hola Maria! Great question, and I volunteer as well! Happy new year!
Hi Tamira!

Sweet! We are scheduling our first planning meeting for next week. Would you be interested in ...
Hola Tamira! Welcome aboard! it will be great having you collaborating with us on this effort. Hope you can attend ...
Lisa Grosskopf
Link to LinkedIn Group: Check out the new ASQ Medical Device Community Page! ...
Lisa Grosskopf Jan '21
Ali Negahi Shirazi
Hello everyone,  I am Ali Negahi Shirazi, a Biomaterials Scientist and a CSSGB, and MBA candidate. Being new to ...
Dan O'Leary
I’m working on project to set the shelf life of a medical vice. Previous studies have shown no failures, so I’ve ...
Dan O'Leary Oct '20
Carolyn Wright
Hi everyone, I am reaching out to learn more about the use of telemetry for device performance or cyber threat ...
Carolyn Wright Sep '20
John Thomas
Why doesn't ASQ have a Validation certification?  I think it would be valuable to the members of this division.  ...
John Thomas Apr '20
Tami New Tami New Sep '20
JT - I agree with you regarding having a Validation certification. I think it would be great to have one, and ...
I like this!  A validation certificate would be beneficial.  A couple of us on the Leadership Team have discussed ...
Absolutely - the "Validation" could be an overarching concept to include Equipment, Process, Software, ...
Omri Arielly
Hey everyone, i hope i'm in the right forum, if not please forgive me. we are currently in the process of designing ...
Omri Arielly Mar '20
Start with ISO 14644

At a high level, Environmental Qualification for clean rooms in a GMP facility consist of the ...

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    The ASQ Medical Device Division focuses on its awareness that Quality has a primary role in providing quality medical devices to patients and healthcare professionals.  The ASQ Medical Device Division focuses on its awareness that Quality has a primary role in providing quality medical devices to patients and healthcare professionals.