Welcome to the new Design and Construction website. We are a Division of the American Society for Quality dedicated to enhancing the quality of design and construction projects. This site is being developed for our members to get the latest and most productive information about Quality in the Design and Construction industry. We will be exchanging ideas and experience through our web site, newsletters, meetings, and conferences. We also provide speakers on aspects of quality management in design and construction for any audience.

It is an interesting time for all members of the Design and Construction Division. Our past chair, Ben Trujillo, has done a great job in transforming the division into a division that is working for our members and giving them what we think is necessary for the future of the division. We are still asking ourselves the question of where to go to provide real member value. One of keys to our success is going to imagine ourselves beyond the borders of ASQ and to reaching out to other engineering industry groups to spread the message of quality. The division seeks to form relationships and alliances with other associations currently active in the design & construction industry. Through these relationships, the DCD can impact a wider spectrum of industry professionals. Our web site will be used to keep our members informed of these activities and achievements.


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To be the World's recognized champion and leading authority on all issues related to quality in the design and construction community and its customers.

To advance performance excellence in Design and Construction worldwide by providing opportunities to members for learning, quality improvement and knowledge exchange.