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KEYNOTE SPEAKERS 1. Sustainability – Dr. Lars Sorqvist 2. Nuclear/Energy Management – Dr. Chuck Casto 3. DCD/Construction – Dr. Zofia K. Rybkowski – Lean construction PANEL DISCUSSION 1. Nuclear – Dr. Chuck Casto, Steve Nesbit, Norm Moreau, Rod Balzer 2. Sustainability – SAVE THE DATE (more information to come) 3. Construction – SAVE THE DATE (more ... more
Posted by Kevin Fahey on Energy & Environmental Division Jun 11, 2021 12:44 PM CDT
The Energy and Environmental Division Winter Newsletter has been issued. It can be found in the Files tab in the Newsletters folder. The featured articles include: THE TIME IS NOW – BRINGING GENDER BALANCE TO THE NUCLEAR SECTOR TEXAS BLACKOUT ASQ ENERGY & ENVIRONMENT DIVISION SUSTAINABILITY SURVEY more
Posted by Kevin Fahey on Energy & Environmental Division May 17, 2021 10:42 AM CDT
The Energy and Environmental Division Winter Newsletter has been issued. It can be found in the Files tab in the Newsletters folder. The featured articles include: ASQ/ANSI E5: 2020, QUALITY PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICES FOR NONNUCLEAR ENERGY FACILITIES ASQ ENERGY & ENVIRONMENTAL DIVISION SUSTAINABILITY SURVEY INTRODUCING OIL AND GAS COMMITTEE ... more
Posted by Kevin Fahey on Energy & Environmental Division Mar 8, 2021 12:25 PM CST

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Lowellyne James
ASQ Sustainability Survey - Scan the QR Code to benchmark your Sustainability & CSR performance against best ...
Lowellyne James Jan '21
I am curious as to what results your survey yielded. Could you share when you have time?

Fred Khalichi
Dear ASQ EED members,  My name is Fred Khalichi, and I along with Narahari Rao are the co-chairs of the ASQ EED Energy ...
Fred Khalichi Dec '20
Hi Fred and Narahari, 

Nice to meet you, my name is Carmen Aldea, Canadian living currently in Abu Dhabi, United ...
Fred - I await suggestions for EED support to the membership.  I anticipate Webinar Topics which will engage all of ...
Paul Hader Paul Hader Dec '20
I would suggest that some discussion about the initiatives to use increase use of nuclear reactors including ...
Dear Fred,

I have been giving talks at local ASQ sections about the dangers of climate change and the the future ...
Chris Hermenitt
Hello Everyone, I work for a wind turbine blade manufacturer and I am interested to learn about Quality benchmarks ...
Chris Hermenitt Sep '20
Hello Chris,
Good Day.
I am a Lead Auditor with a global certification body.
In fact before that since 1992, I have ...
Afaq Ahmed Afaq Ahmed Sep '20
In the past I have used Mckinsey (www.mckinsey.com), APQC ( https://www.apqc.org/ ) and Solomon Associates ...
Kevin Fahey
In the 21st Century leaders and organizations are faced with the sustainability dilemma of  profits  or the  ...
Kevin Fahey Jun '20
Ideally, companies would focus attention on these issues to be good stewards in their community, but the more we ...
Kevin Fahey ‍ Thank you for sharing this post with the ASQ Community. There are three areas of action for business ...
Brion Hurley ‍ Thanks for sharing this useful dashboard tool. The ASQ EED will be launching our Sustainability ...
Abhijit Sengupta
 OPEN POSITION DESCRIPTIONS The  conventional energy  sources are petroleum, coal and natural gas. ...
Abhijit Sengupta
https://asq.webex.com/asq/onstage/g.php?MTID= e7333f8547e6076343d0255eb09647a43 Event number: 666 132 ...
Kevin Fahey
The Fall 2019 Executive Board Meeting has been scheduled for Saturday, November 23, 2019. This is the Board's ...
Kevin Fahey Oct '19
Arthur Richard
Submit a lively, stimulating, thought provoking article in the Fall edition of the ASQ Energy and Environmental ...
Arthur Richard Aug '19
Jarrod Suire
Are you a subject matter expert?  We're always looking for webinar presenters.  We'll provide the platform and ...
Jarrod Suire Jul '19
Hi Jarrod,

I would be happy to do a webinar on the Department of Energy's 5001 Ready recognition program.  This is a ...

Sounds like a great idea!  I've tagged a few of our council members to get their input.  What do you think guys?

Jarrod Suire
Had a great time with fellow council members during our annual meeting.  Everyone is pulling in the same direction ...
Jarrod Suire May '19

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Members work in the fields of energy and environment, including technology and construction, power production, resource extraction and processing, environmental operations, decontamination and decommissioning, waste minimization and pollution prevention, sampling and analysis, and research and development.  

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