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Kevin Fahey 1497
In the 21st Century leaders and organizations are faced with the sustainability dilemma of  profits  or the  ...
Ideally, companies would focus attention on these issues to be good stewards in their community, but the more we ...
Abhijit Sengupta 6473
The  conventional energy  sources are petroleum, coal and natural gas. ...
Abhijit Sengupta 6473
Event number: 666 132 ...
Kevin Fahey 1497
The Fall 2019 Executive Board Meeting has been scheduled for Saturday, November 23, 2019. This is the Board's ...
Kevin Fahey Oct '19
Arthur Richard 1180
Submit a lively, stimulating, thought provoking article in the Fall edition of the ASQ Energy and Environmental ...
Arthur Richard Aug '19
Jarrod Suire 402
Are you a subject matter expert? 
We're always looking for webinar presenters. 
We'll provide the platform and ...
Jarrod Suire Jul '19
Hi Jarrod,

I would be happy to do a webinar on the Department of Energy's 5001 Ready recognition program.  This is a ...

Sounds like a great idea!  I've tagged a few of our council members to get their input.  What do you think guys?

Jarrod Suire 402
Had a great time with fellow council members during our annual meeting.  Everyone is pulling in the same direction ...
Jarrod Suire May '19
Abhijit Sengupta 6473
Summer Fall 2019 newsletter due July 31 in energy and environmental area
please submit your draft by July 31 in ...
Jarrod Suire 402
John Mascaro Catherine Johannes Chase Boster Katie Chitwood ‍ 
Welcome to EED!  We've got a lot going on this ...
Jarrod Suire Apr '19
Jarrod Suire 402
Looking forward to the spring newsletter!!
Jarrod Suire Apr '19

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Members work in the fields of energy and environment, including technology and construction, power production, resource extraction and processing, environmental operations, decontamination and decommissioning, waste minimization and pollution prevention, sampling and analysis, and research and development.  

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