MQD supports standards development, disseminates measurement and quality-related information, offers technical support, provides education, sponsors research, fosters professional interaction in the measurement of quality and the quality of measurement, and emphasizes the importance of measurements in the quality process.

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Matthew Miller
Good morning, I am in charge of performing the annual calibration inspection of our measurement tools. I was given ...
Matthew Miller Dec '20
It is to bad that with all the people that are members here, no one seems to be able to help with any of my questions. In ...
Let me begin by apologizing for the oversight in seeing and responding to your message. I thought I had the ...
Heather Wade
The MQD Nominating committee has nominated the slate of officer candidates for 2021-2022. If any MQD member would ...
Heather Wade Oct '20
Heather Wade
Because SI and metrology knowledge, skills, and abilities are essential elements of STEM literacy and preparing ...
Heather Wade Sep '20
Dan Burrows
Even though ASQ dropped having the A stand for “American”, I do believe that there are some American values that ...
Dan Burrows Feb '20

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The Measurement Quality Division (MQD) supports, assists and guides ASQ members and others in the measurement field in the application of both established and innovative tools of measurement and quality. The goal is to improve measurement-based decisions in laboratory, calibration, manufacturing, and management processes at all levels of accuracy.

For 2021, the MQD Board are:
Heather A Wade, MQD Chair. CCT, CQA, ASQ Senior Member

Daniel Sniezek, MQD Chair-Elect. ASQ Fellow

Sharry Masarek, MQD Secretary. CCT, Senior Member

John R. Fuschino, MQD Treasurer. CCT, Senior Member, MQD Membership Chair, ASQE Certification Board Chair of CCT Exam Subcommittee, recipient of the Sheila J. Connolly Memorial Service Award.