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For ease of use, you can access the Service Quality Body of Knowledge (v3.0) HERE.


Volunteers Needed!!! The Service Quality Division has many open volunteer opportunities, and we’re looking for service focused individuals like you to get involved, and help create ongoing value to our members. We’re looking for 1-6 hours per month or project, depending upon the volunteer position(s) you’re interested in. So, now you’re probably ... more
Posted by Leia Patzernuk on Service Quality Division Mar 27, 2022 12:19 PM CDT
The Service Quality Division is pleased to announce that the 2022 A.C. Rosander Scholarship application period is now open. For details about this year's application, please click HERE . Applications are being accepted until April 30, 2022. more
Posted by Leia Patzernuk on Service Quality Division Feb 14, 2022 12:59 PM CST
Posted by Leia Patzernuk on Service Quality Division Dec 14, 2021 8:03 AM CST

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While I’m wishing you a very Happy New Year 2020 full of rejoice, happiness, and success for your professional and ...
Zubair Anwar Khurshid
Hi Folks, The final volume of SQBoK V3.0 is hosted now on 'myASQ' platform and available for viewing and free ...
Leia Patzernuk
Photo Credit: Leia Patzernuk  
Leia Patzernuk Dec '20
Leia Patzernuk
We have provided a definition of service quality HERE .  To support you, our members, our goal is to enable ...
Leia Patzernuk Sep '19
Best practice sharing among division members on experiences closing the gap between a customers perceived ...
Leia Patzernuk
Before we can answer this question,  we   need to understand what a service is .  According to BusinessDictionary ...
Leia Patzernuk Jul '20

Latest Resources

  • Industry Profiles A 2022 priority for Service Quality Division (SQD) is the development of Industry Profiles for service based organizations, which provides information that could be leveraged by our Members in their careers.  These profiles are ...
    Date Created: 05/05/2022 05:26 PM
  • 2022 A.C. Rosander Scholarship Application

    A.C. Rosander Service Quality Scholarship

    The ASQ Service Quality Division (SQD) offers an annual scholarship for any eligible member, or family member of the Service Quality Division, or an individual sponsored by an eligible SQD ...

    Date Created: 02/14/2022 06:53 PM
  • 2022 SQD Nomination Petition Form Additional nominations from the general SQD membership require submission of a nomination petition, signed by at least 10 Professional members, and submitted to SQD Nominating Chair Polly LeBarron ...
    Date Created: 10/05/2021 08:35 PM
  • 2021 A.C. Rosander Scholarship Application

    The ASQ Service Quality Division (SQD) offers an annual scholarship for any eligible member, or family member of the Service Quality Division, or an individual sponsored by an eligible SQD member.  Please refer to the attached file ...

    Date Created: 02/16/2021 10:03 PM
Community Information

The Service Quality Division has been part of ASQ since 1991, supporting individuals working in the services industry.  Our members are from the following types of organizations:

  • Financial Services (banking, finance, insurance)
  • Hospitality and Travel (hotels, airlines, travel agents, restaurants)
  • Professional Services (consultants, legal contract services)
  • Regulated Industries (public utilities, transportation)
  • Not for Profit Sectors (associations, government agencies)
  • Retail Business (customer service, sales/marketing)
  • Members of support service functions (manufacturing or service organizations.)
  • Anyone interested in learning more about service quality or sharing their experiences and knowledge in service quality.