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Our True North Roadmap

True North is an established reference point to help anyone navigate in any direction, to any destination. It is the basis of the compass and, as the North Star, is what anchors navigational tools. As proponents of Human Development and Leadership, we are each responsible for defining true north for ourselves and teaching others the best ways to use it for their own development and leadership. In his book True North, Bill George defines True North as the internal compass that guides you successfully through life. It represents who you are as a human being at your deepest level.  Let our community be your partner in defining your True North; your fixed point in a spinning world.
Our True North includes:
  • Demonstrate passion for human development & leadership
  • Be a leader in delivering excellent member experience
  • Think positively and share optimism
  • Respect diversity in individuals, communities and cultures
  • Maximize growth by capitalizing on our strengths 
  • Focus on holistic development : intellectual, emotional, physical & spiritual
  • Embrace FUN and the 'Yes, and …'  philosophy
  • Be fully engaged at all times
  • Be genuinely humble
  • Recognize that the team comes before individuals
  • Celebrate achievements, appreciate efforts & offer support

Benefits of an HD&L Division Membership

  • Ever-expanding professional content to enhance your leadership skills
  • Learn how to make all of your relationships more effective
  • Increase your opportunities for personal development
  • Be part of an exciting division that is at the heart of quality improvement


We had a great 2022 with new member leaders joining us, introducing panel discussions, launching a new competency framework through a workshop in WCQI and prepping for an upcoming Seminar at Sea and virtual workshop in the fall. This past month we held 2 business planning meetings with our leadership team and would like to hear your voice in what else you ... more
Posted by Sidita Hasi on Human Development and Leadership Division Aug 30, 2022 2:00 PM CDT
The HD&L Division is looking for volunteers for the following committees: - Marketing & Communications - Webinar/Panel - Book of Knowledge - Volunteer Coordination When it comes to volunteering there are some important requirements. These requirements are passion, positivity and respect. The most valuable assets a volunteer can bring to a ... more
Posted by Sidita Hasi on Human Development and Leadership Division Jun 10, 2022 5:50 PM CDT
We're now accepting panelists' applications for our upcoming panel discussion on the subject of " Leading Organizations ." As we announced earlier this year we are focusing our body of knowledge around a 3 part competency model: Leading Self; Leading Teams; Leading Organizations. After phenomenal success in January 2022, on our " Leading Self by ... more
Posted by Sidita Hasi on Human Development and Leadership Division Jun 10, 2022 5:40 PM CDT

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Stephanie Gaulding
I attended ASQ's leadership conference yesterday and an interesting discussion got started in the last ...

The Fifth Discipline by Peter Senge! Old but stood the test of time

Don't forget our very own Jeff Veyera (TWEF community) and his book Culture is Everything sold here on the ASQ ...
I have a rather eclectic list of favorites from my 43-year journey across multiple industries and eras.

First, ...
Luigi Sille
Stephanie Gaulding
I'd like to congratulate Brooks Carder ‍ on the publication of his article "The Happiness Effect"  in the January ...
This is a valuable read and I am excited to share it with my colleagues. Thank you Brooks for authoring and thank you ...
Amanda Foster
Hello all! I am interested in contributions for our quarterly eNewsletter, The Human Element. The next issue is ...
Amanda Foster Apr '20
I'd love to see more on Mentoring & Coaching. 
I find in the age group 35-45 often are tremendous at their skills, but ...
Hello Deborah, I would like to respond to your thoughts about mentoring.  As Sections and Section Leaders, we have ...
Ruth Stanley ‍ I so agree with your input.
In my first Regional Webinar - we purposely set it up that we would pause for ...

Hi Deb,

I am in agreement with you in regards to coaching and mentoring. It will be great to do something about it. 
Ana Liz Figueroa ‍  Thank you for your additional comments and support.
Amanda Foster ‍  - I believe next issue ...
Hello Ladies

It would be great to co-create something on mentoring for the Newsletter.  


The next newsletter is due in June.
I'd be happy to connect
Ruth Stanley ‍ if you want to collaborate on a topic.
Let's ...
Luigi Sille
Introducing our last panelist. Panel Discussion: Leading Organizations Panelists Leading Organization_ ...
Luigi Sille Sep '22
Deborah Coviello
When things are going right in life, remember to shine the light on others When a good friend & colleague said "Wow, I ...
I have been the beneficiary of so many amazing mentors on my quality journey, including you Deborah Coviello ‍. I ...
Dear Amanda Foster ‍ 

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Mentors can be formal / informal  - like following the ...
Marilyn Monda
Talk back!  We want to hear about what is on your mind!  Use the "Reply" button to ask anything of your leadership ...
Marilyn Monda Dec '18
With the new myASQ platform and the Transformation, are there major changes forthcoming for the Division?
Hi Lisa,  

Great question!  So many changes are forthcoming.  In a practical sense, the old website will be shut ...
Hi Lisa,

First, thanks for asking such a great question. I’ll provide some of my thoughts in addition to what ...
Jeremiah Genest
What are the best practices in remote mentoring and coaching? What tips. tricks and practices do you recommend? ...
Jeremiah Genest Mar '20
Hi Jeremiah,

I do this regularly, so here are my tips:
  • Where possible, video call. It helps build the connection ...
Hi Jeremiah Genest ‍;

I agree with what Stephanie Gaulding ‍ has already mentioned. In addition to that, I make ...
Hi Jeremiah Genest ‍ 

I'm thinking to prepare a Webinar on this topic, probably in April in Italian language and as ...
Luigi Sille
Panelists Leading Organization_ Jessica Atkinson.mp4 Sign up NOW......
Luigi Sille Sep '22
Deborah Coviello
Dear Community, The best way to learn is to learn from each other. Our past is rich with life lessons to share. I'll go ...

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