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Our myASQ community space is designed to give our members centralized access to content within our Human Development & Leadership (HD&L) Body of Knowledge as well as the ability to connect and interact with other community members. If you are new to the community, we encourage you to check out our upcoming events and start interacting with other members through our discussion board. We are in the process of migrating content from our externally hosted website so also keep a look out for new content such as our primers, newsletter and archived webinars.

Our Vision is to be the global community of choice for everyone by making human potential an organizational and personal priority.

Our Mission is to enrich the personal and professional lives of our membership, and the global community, to triumph over current and future challenges.

Our True North Roadmap
True North is an established reference point to help anyone navigate in any direction, to any destination. It is the basis of the compass and, as the North Star, is what anchors navigational tools. As proponents of Human Development and Leadership, we are each responsible for defining true north for ourselves and teaching others the best ways to use it for their own development and leadership. In his book True North, Bill George defines True North as the internal compass that guides you successfully through life. It represents who you are as a human being at your deepest level.  Let our community be your partner in defining your True North; your fixed point in a spinning world.
Our True North includes:
  • Demonstrate passion for human development & leadership
  • Be a leader in delivering excellent member experience
  • Think positively and share optimism
  • Respect diversity in individuals, communities and cultures
  • Maximize growth by capitalizing on our strengths 
  • Focus on holistic development : intellectual, emotional, physical & spiritual
  • Embrace FUN and the 'Yes, and …'  philosophy
  • Be fully engaged at all times
  • Be genuinely humble
  • Recognize that the team comes before individuals
  • Celebrate achievements, appreciate efforts & offer support


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    The Emerging Quality Leaders Program welcomed Stephanie Gaulding, CQA, CPGP, as the speaker for their second Virtual of the 2019-2020 Program on July 11th. A consultant specializing in Quality Systems and Regulatory Compliance, as well as an experienced mentor and Chair Elect of ASQ’s Human Development & Leadership Division, Stephanie spoke on ... more

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          Our myASQ community space is designed to give our members centralized access to content within our Human Development & Leadership (HD&L) Body of Knowledge as well as the ability to connect and interact with other community members. 

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