ASQ Section 0511 March 2022 Meeting

Wednesday, 9 March 2022

Product and Service Catalog: What the Section Can Do for Its Members
Presented by the Section's Elected Officers
Professional Night: Path to Quality, Part 3
Conducted by Quality Professionals of ASQ Section 0511

Short Narrative/Description:

At the March 2022 meeting, we will have a double-event: an overview of the Section's Draft Product and Service Catalog and the continuation of the Professional Night.
We started our first Professional Night: Path to Quality at our December 2021 meeting and continued it during the 2nd part of our January 2022 meeting. We will do so again at the March meeting to give floor to the Quality Professionals who did not get time to introduce themselves in December and January.
In addition, we will review the Section's Draft Product and Service Catalog. This is the next step in our discussion ofwhat the Section can or should be doing for its members. You can also take this as an object lesson that may apply to other volunteer organizations.
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Wednesday March 9th, 2022 6:00pm CST
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Wednesday March 9th, 2022 7:00pm CST
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Wednesday, 13 April 2022 — TBD

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Additional Information

Overview of the Program Content:

  • Section Business. The Section Business part of the meeting will likely be shorter than usual as we will already have two parts to the meeting.
  • Product and Service Catalog: What the Section Can Do for Its Members. The Chair and other Elected Officers will review the Section's Draft Product and Service Catalog.
    • We will review underlying principles of defining the Section's Products and Services for its members, including the benefits provided, effort it takes to provide them, and volunteer rewards.
    • We will walk through our Section's Draft Product and Service Catalog.
    • We will draw on the Section's previous discussions, polls, and reports in this overview.
    • Note: The review of the Section's Draft Products and Services is not a call for volunteers: you will not be asked during the meeting to volunteer for anything. This material is intended to inform you as a consumer or provider of such products and services that you can apply in this Section or even somewhere else.
  • Professional Night: Path to Quality. Whatever time remains, we will continue with the introductions of the Quality Professionals started in December 2021 and continued in January 2022.
    • We will first give floor, in random order, to those who attended the December and January Professional Nights (or at least one of them) but did not have an opportunity to speak. Those people already know the speaking format since they heard the previous introductions.
    • Time permitting, we will continue, in random order, with those who are in attendance in March but were NOT in attendance in December or January.
    • If we run out of time without having everyone introduced, we will continue with the introductions in subsequent meetings.
    • The Moderators will continue facilitating the introductions as in December and January.
    • We will use the same questions as before and will have the same time limit of about 5 minutes per person. PLEASE REVIEW the 9 questions that you will be asked and THINK AHEAD of what you want to say to other Quality Professionals in attendance about yourself and your experience.
    • The questions will be projected to your computer's WebEx screen. Also, you are encouraged to turn your camera on when you speak. If you are on the phone, you will need to view the questions on the Section's web page or similar when you speak.
    • Note: This Professional Night: Path to Quality is not a call for volunteers. It is about YOUR Path to Quality. You will not be asked whether you volunteer or plan on volunteering unless you want to raise this yourself as part of a relevant question (such as Q4, Q8, or Q9).


9 Questions for Each Meeting Participants to Answer:

  • I. Professional
    • Q1: What is your name?
    • Q2: What is your area of professional specialization, education, or interest (e.g., engineering, construction, software, healthcare, environment, management, any other)?
  • II. Relationship with ASQ
    • Q3: What ASQ Certifications (current or expired) do you have or plan on getting?
    • Q4: When and why did you start attending the ASQ Section 0511 meetings?
  • III. Work
    • Q5: Are you currently:
      • * in the workforce (employed or actively searching),
      • * not in the workforce (retired or not actively searching),
      • * or a student?
    • Q6: What is (or was) your role at work?
    • Q7: Is (or was) your work role quality-related? In what ways?
  • Expectations
    • Q8: What, if anything, interests you in other Quality Professionals who attend the ASQ section 0511 meetings?
    • Q9: In what ways do you want ASQ Section 0511 to help you as a Quality Professional?
    Everyone will be delighted to hear from you about you!
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About Us:

ASQ Section 0511 is a geographic community that lives intertwined with the network of ASQ Divisions — technical communities specializing in specific quality domains and supporting ASQ Certifications in their domains.

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