ASQ 1510 Southeast Florida Section April Virtual Meeting 1811
ASQ 1510 Southeast Florida Section April Virtual Meeting
Eric G. Parker, Xtreme Growth Partners

Guiding, managing, leading and inspiring organizations to accomplish extreme, profitable growth, is Eric’s joy. Focusing team member ideas about what the valued customer will be excited to buy, while optimizing opportunity cost, is his expertise. As an Illinois Tool Works (ITW) Vice President for over 20 years, Eric’s responsibilities included profit and loss (P&L) responsibility for many ITW Divisions. He formed and led Global Product Development at ITW and, later, at the Marmon Group (now Berkshire Hathaway) supporting Divisions internationally. Eric is knowledgeable across a broad range of manufacturing processes, products, and markets. He holds over 70 US Patents and has authored “Focus for the Fuzzy Front End of Product Development” which details the Idea Sheet® Process. He’s served for 20 years at Northwestern University’s McCormick Dean’s Advisory Board and Mechanical Engineering Advisory Board.

Presentation Topic: The Idea Sheet® Process: Focusing the Fuzzy Front End of New Product Development

Your team works remotely.  Is this the new normal?  This is a big opportunity!  The Idea Sheet® Process can bring focus to the near future and your next big thing. This is the FUZZY FRONT END!
Your company has its act together…you will weather this downturn intact. You’ll need to grow now but are not sure where to bet your less than unlimited opportunity cost.  Top management is committed to innovative growth.  Now what do you do…exactly?  Do you bet your future? In this presentation, you will hear about change through implementation of the Idea Sheet® Process, and how this process, will clearly focus the Fuzzy Front End into exactly what will sell and bring value for your customers.
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Tuesday April 14th, 2020 6:00pm CDT
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Tuesday April 14th, 2020 7:00pm CDT
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Date & Time: 04/14/2020 07:00:00 PM EDT