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Most quality management standards have requirements for managing the measurement equipment used in the research and design, test, calibration, production and manufacturing. What may have worked 20 plus years ago with a requirement for a “sticker and a calibration report” may not work with current risk-based thinking required in the quality management standards. The requirements can be very diverse depending on where the equipment is used. During the assessment of the quality management systems, many organizations get a finding for not evaluating the calibration provider properly, not specifying the appropriate requirements for calibration or not evaluating the test and calibration service that they received is appropriate for their application. This presentation will provide information on evaluating/assessing the calibration supplier. It will provide information and how to specify the proper calibration requirements on the purchase documentation and to evaluate the calibration and test documentation received from the calibration provider. There are many measurement related terms that have been redefined in the last few years and it is important to make sure that they are understood by both the supplier and consumer of calibration services.

Learning Objectives:
 Evaluating/auditing the calibration provider for managing the measuring equipment in an organization.
 Specifying calibration services for complying with ISO 9001, ISO 13485, AS9100 and IATF 16949 and other standards’ requirements.
 Evaluating the test and calibration documentation.
 Implementing Metrological traceability requirements.

Dilip Shah Biography:
Dilip Shah has over 45 years of industry experience in metrology, electronics, instrumentation, measurement and computer applications of statistics in the Quality Assurance areas. He has been employed in various positions with Philips Electronics (UK), Kodak Ltd. (UK), Instruments & Equipment Division of Monsanto Corporation, Flexsys America and Alpha Technologies. He is currently a Principal of E = mc 3 Solutions, a consulting practice that provides training and consulting solutions in ISO/IEC 17025, Measurement Uncertainty and computer applications.

Dilip is the co-author of The Metrology Handbook (1 st and 2 nd editions) published by the ASQ Quality Press. Dilip participated in the initial development of ASQ’s Certified Calibration Technician exam. Dilip is a member of IEEE. Dilip is a frequent contributor to ASQ Quality Progress magazine’s Measure for Measure column.

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