Dynamic Control Plan usage

Dynamic Control Plan usage

Posted by Ginny Kokorudz on May 16, 2018 2:06 pm

I attended a session at the World Conference on FMEA (failure modes and effect analysis) which I have no experience in at all. I see the value in this tool they shared - the dynamic control plan which merges the FMEA and Control Plan together. I'd love to hear how people from different industries use this tool or how you would use it. Teach me! I've attached the template they provided at the training to this post. Credit for the tool goes to Jd Marhevko of Accuride Corporation.
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Re: Dynamic Control Plan usage

Posted by Brooke Rathbun on Jun 5, 2018 10:08 am

Hi, Ginny:

The food industry re-branded FMEA and now calls it 'Hazard Analysis'. This makes up the foundation of a food facility's HACCP Plan (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point), which is a federal requirement to have completed. When I was previously in the personal care industry, obtaining my Greenbelt, I was introduced to FMEA. It truly is an invaluable tool for prevention of incidents, if used properly - that would have been great refresher training for me. I haven't personally used this version of the tool, but might be able to put in some generic examples from the food industry, for conversational purposes.


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