Audit plan example/template

Hi colleagues, I'm looking for a general audit plan template that I can use for QMS internal audits. Do you have an example to share?

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Hello Chris,
See . attached couple of different templates.
Samir Mehta

Copy of 2020 Audit Schedule Master.xlsx

Not my creation but may be used as a template.

Please see attached as an example.

Brian Pratt
I don't have a template per se, but I do have a form for each of our processes. At the top of each audit form, I do have the ISO clauses, procedures and work instructions subject to the audit. This gives my audit team members some guidance for the audit plan and questions. They do have some leeway and as long as the auditors address the clauses and other internal documents, I usually approve the plan after a review. Some audit questions do change from year to year based on changes we make over the year. For our Production processes, I have 3 products audited from each department. Although the 3 items to audit doesn't change the audited items do change. I could send you s couple of samples if you wish. My email:

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