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Good afternoon, QMD community.  New to this community, but not to ASQ, so I'm hoping someone out there can give me a hand.  I am located in the New England area (a transplant from "down South" in Florida via Austin, Texas). 

I am trying to find an organization who has automated their final inspection capabilities (through robotics, vision systems, auto measurement systems, etc.).  The company that I currently work for as Sr. Quality Manager has quite a bit of advanced equipment, but it still requires a lot of human interaction (loading/unloading parts, no integration of one piece of equipment with another, no in-line vision systems for in-process inspection, etc.).  So I am trying to find some place that has taken their automation “to the next level” that would be willing to host a visit of myself and perhaps one or two of our organization’s inspectors.  We serve the aerospace, medical device, semiconductor, defense, and energy industries, but the industry supported isn’t as important to me as how the organization has approached integrating technology into their inspection processes. 

Really appreciate any help this community can provide.  I am certainly willing to travel if needed in order to see some "modernized inspection capabilities" in real time!  Thanks in advance for any help!

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This may not be exactly what you are looking for, but the attached file describes a great book on improving inspection. You may buy it here:
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Joe Wojniak
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Hi Brad,

it depends upon the type of product that needs to be inspected.  Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) is pretty standard in PCBA manufacturing.  Other types of automated inspection are for high volume, high speed sorting processes.  Cognex used to be one of the leaders in the field, I've put a link to their website below. Digital image processing has really taken off and found a wide variety of applications.  In fact, I work for Medtronic Navigation and the surgical navigation systems perform a lot of image processing and orienting computer generated images to 3-Dimensional space.  For aerospace, this might be similar to a pilot's HUD where the pilot "sees" a view of augmented reality.  Here are some links and/or companies that might be of interest:

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