ASQ Resources - Are you fully utilizing all that is available to you?
As an ASQ member you have access to many free resources. Are you aware of these resources? ASQ members have access to libraries, downloadable templates, job board, mentorship programs, discussion boards, and many free webinars. This is especially true during the covid-19 pandemic where many sections are offering free webinars. Check your my ASQ often and take advantage of these. If you are a member who can add to this discussion and provide examples of how / what you have accessed with your membership that would be great. If you know an upcoming event that may not be easily seen on the Phoenix Section my ASQ then reply here. For example, did you know that there is a free webinar coming up in Feb at ASQ San Antonio on "Measuring the Seemingly Immeasurable" . There are many free section webinars right now. I urge you to take advantage and tour the US virtually stopping in to ASQ Section meetings around the country. Have fun, learn and stay safe / healthy. From your ASQ Phoenix Section Student Liaison.